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I have done it. I went ahead and purchased the Pinterest Machine. It is a video training course and will help me make money using Pinterest (hopefully :) )

I will be writing a review each day on what I watch, what is good and what isn’t so be prepared for an onslaught of information.

The signup process was simple. It took me to a paypal page, and redirected me to a page for downloading videos, Bonus materials, graphics and private email addresses of Matt and Gillian (for support).

Cool, now is the time to take a look at the very first set of videos.

There is a Introductory video ~ an online version and two part downloads. They also have a transcript which I am downloading.

Companies are Paying to Post Pictures

James J Jones has done it again. From his humble beginnings as an internet marketer days in the era when Internet Marketing was not a known word, James J Jones has established himself as an authority on marketing online.

Monetizing Pinterest

Monetizing Pinterest—Los Amigos Del Fuego (

I came across James J Jones when I happened to come across a few of his products:

Kindle Triangulation - A product to catapult your Kindle sales. He took people by the hand and showed them how to create eBooks (and find the content as well). How to market these eBooks and how to get ranked on Google and most importantly how to make sales.

Kindle Triangulation was no ordinary product ~ It did not just tell you what Kindle was like most books, it actually helped you set up a income stream.
If you are familiar with James, you will love the simplicity, honesty and his genuine desire to help people succeed. He wants to make money helping people make money, so it is a win win for all. Just take a look at the sales pages, they are not salesy, no slick images and copy. Just the bare facts backed with a guarantee which is unbeatable.

Today he is launching a way to make money pinning pictures. This is a way to ride on the Internet wave of Pinterest.

The course is called – Pinterest Authority – I am looking forward to review this product and to tell you more about it.

How to run a PPC Campaign – Part 1

Here is a PPC Campaign Strategy to help you get started with using Google Adwords and setting up your very first Google Adwords PPC Campaign.

When you have to setup a PPC or Pay per Click campaign, the very first thing to do would be to study the client business.

Pay per click, Search-Engine-Marketing

Pay per click, Search-Engine-Marketing—Danard Vincente (

1. Understand your client business

2. Identify Keywords

3. Improve Quality Score in Google Adwords

4. Optimize your Google Adwords Campaign

5. Optimize your ad copy


Understand your client business

Go through all the webpages including the services, the about us page, their core selling point and what makes them different from their competitors.

Make a mental note of what sets the client apart from the competitors. This could be a 50% saving or free servicing or some other special. Try and gather all information about the various services offered by the client.

This will be used to identify keywords for your client. Identify the locations the client serves. For example: a dentist might serve locally only, whereas an insurance company might be targeting a wider audience.

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