PPC PayDay Review Part 2

I downloaded all my files for PPC Payday.

The download page has three links to download.

All are zip files. PPC Payday Package1 has three files – a keyword file, a spreadsheet with ads written. The file I have opened has 4 versions of Ads.

I am very impressed with the ad copy.

The keywords sheet has exact match keywords which can be used for setting up a campaign.

There is a pdf file names welcome.pdf – This document mentions how to use these files.

He mentions about the restraints about Google Adwords and how to get by that. Totally ethical and totally sound. The product is what it says. I am sure that these campaigns will bring in a lot of money and the ads will convert very easily.

PPC PayDay Review

I work on setting up PPC Campaigns for clients and this is my work and when someone claims that they can help me “Never Faile with PPC” ~ well I am intrigued. That is just what the sales page of PPC PayDay states.

As a PPC specialist I have been exposed to so may products, so many false promises and have the opportunity to work with numerous clients. Some don’t seem to understand why they must spend money to make money. While others pay us for setup and then quite as soon as the cost per click increases.

The sales page of PPC PayDay says that they can help me NOT lose money. This sells in itself.

I decide to ask for a review copy and guess what I got one. So here is my review on what I think about PPC PayDay.

He says he is giving two sales templates. That would be awesome.

The sales copy also mentions that I should be getting a small guide which explains the niche, campaign setup etc.


Wow it says they will mention which affiliate products to promote, and what platforms to use.

I am looking for any mention of whether it is Google Adwords PPC or MSN PPC.

Well looks like it can be used in both Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter.


What do you with PPC PayDay

Here is what I should be getting

PPC PayDay Contents

Well now for the price. It says it is only for $11.95 and at present they have only one copy left at this price.

Okay now time to dig in and write my PPC Payday Review.

Squid Pro Quo Review – Squidoo Lens Creation

Squid Pro Quo can help you make money with Squidoo. Squidoo lens creation is very easy using Squid Pro Quo by Erica Stone. Today I am confident about this. These are the stats of the lens I created so far in the past week.


  • stainless steel tea kettles ranks 1 for non primary keyword. primary keyword no rank
  • collapsible tea kettle Ranks 24 for Primary Keyword and number 10 for non primary keyword
  • stroller and carseat combo Ranks 14 for primary keyword and 4 for a secondary one
  • glow in the dark lipstick Ranks 44
  • water bottles for kids part favors Ranks 11 for primary keyword

My other Squidoo lens are not ranking yet. I have not made any sales yet from these Squid Pro Quo lens yet. But I am excited that they are getting a lot more traffic and have a better Squidoo Ranking than my other Squidoo lens.

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Review 5 Squid Pro Quo by Erica Stone

I have started my day checking my stats. Its getting addictive.

Before that I installed the plugin mentioned by Tiff – WPtouch . This should make my website ipad, and mobile friendly. How cool is that?

Woo Hoo

I got a blessing for a brand new lens I created yesterday Collapsible Tea Kettle. It has just taken off from day one and already has 22 likes and many from giant squids :)

Squidoo Lens Rankings ~ lens made using Squid Pro Quo by Erica Stone

Stainless Steel Tea Kettles is ranking number one for Modern and Trendy Stainless Steel Kettles ~ No ranking for main keyword

Collapsible Tea Kettles ~ no rank yet   ~ lens made yesterday ~ it got blessed by a Squid Angel

Stove Top Tea Kettles ~ I created this lens long ago ~ did not use Ericas Method. Added some code using her method. I got better rankings.
Stove Top Tea Kettles Review ~ Ranking 8
Copper Stove Top Tea kettles ~ Ranking 6
Stove Top Tea Kettles ~ Ranking 31 ouch :)

Okay my other lens dont rank yet ~ will update tomorrow.

Thanks and stay happy

Squid Pro Quo Review by Erica Stone – Part 3

This is a review about Erica Stone’s Squid Pro Quo version 1.0.

I have had a productive day today. Using the free keyword research tools she mentioned I came up with a few very good keywords for lens.
I decided to use one on Strollers and Carseats.
Using Ericas Keyword Research, it was very easy to single out this keyword with quite a few searched and low competition.

I am already noticing traffic to this lens which is good before the earlier lens I created saw traffic after many days only.
I will be doing the lens promotion she mentioned in the guide today.

Lol!! I did not do this till now and I am still getting traffic. Awesome!!


I created 2 more lens

Here is one -> Glow in the Dark Lipstick

Stainless Steel Tea Kettles

Squid Pro Quo Review Part 2


Today I started my lens building using the Squid Pro Quo system by Erica Stone. I am also participating in the blog challenge by Tiff so I need to ramp things up a bit.

Erica’s guide is straightforward, easy and in plain English. I have sent her emails asking for clarifications and she has replied promptly (sometimes within minutes).

Squid Pro Quo teaches a new method of keyword research. She mentioned a paid tool to use which I did not have. I was going to call it quits (I am impatient at times ..).

Then I read the next part on how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool in conjunction with a Free Keyword Analysis tool. I downloaded this new tool, used her advice (which is step by step btw) and I was surprised. Within 15 to 20 mins I came up with 14 keywords which fit the criteria.

This is too good because I take a lot of time to analyze and think it over and brood. I cannot be pushed to be quick and I got it all figured out.

I am exhausted with the keyword research. Yeah I know!!

I sent her an email asking for a clarification along with my keywords. She wrote back saying they were perfect.

It is time to get started building a Squidoo lens.

I went and registered 3 lens. Today I decided to work on one lens. I did what she told. I hated fill all those spreadsheets but I did.
When I started my lens making process, it was so easy and I was thrilled that I took the time to follow through meticulously.

In case you are wondering which one it is, here it is http://www.squidoo.com/best-vacuum-for-stairs2

It is not done yet, there are some issues to resolve. Just wrote Erica an email. I am waiting for a response. Tomorrow I will share with you how to get a lens out of “low quality” or “too commercial to promote” mode.


Latha :)

My adword Account Ad has been disapproved

Adwords Ad or Sitelink has been Dissaproved

Damn what a day!! I submitted new ads and sitelinks for Google Adwords and it came back today after soooo many days and here is what I get

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your
 account, we've found that one or more of the ad extensions in
 your "cname" campaign has unfortunately been
 disapproved for the following reason(s):
Punctuation - punctuation to draw attention

 To review our location extensions policy, please see:

 To review our sitelinks extensions policy, please see:

 To review our social extensions policy, please see:

I am checking it out.

Here is what I did ~ checked for duplicate url s in Sitelinks ~ None so far so good.

Ah spotted it ~ its the damn apsotrophe is used in the link text

No gimmicky use of symbols: We don't allow symbols in link text that serve no purpose other than to draw attention to your sitelinks, like adding a "►" symbol in your sitelinks.

Well I did not pay a gimmick but that was the name of the place as is. I have removed the apostrophe and resubmitted.

Lets see how it goes

Cheers :)

Squid Pro Quo and Blog Post Challenge

I have taken up Tiffany Dow’s challenge and will be updating my blog with how it goes.


Success—h koppdelaney (Flickr.com)

Here is Tiffany Dow explaining the challenge and what is required.

There are three parts to the challenge and you an do one or all three everyday for 30 days.
I will be posting what I do here on my blog. Please share your comments and what you are doing to take action below.

Part 1
Update Blog with one new blog post daily.

Part 2
Write one article each day for your PLR store. If you do not understand how to set up a PLR store or are looking for fredsh ideas check this PLR ATM Review. It says it all.

Part 3
Join the Squid Pro Quo Challenge wherein you use the techniques taught by Erica Stone and create one lens per day.
Here is the link to what Squid Pro Quo is all about – Squid Pro Quo Review
Let me know how you are taking things ahead and what you have posted today.


Review of Squid Pro Quo by Erica Stone – Part 1

squidoo sticker

squidoo sticker—teamstickergiant (Flickr.com)

I just purchased Squid Pro Quo by a warrior member Erica Stone. This is my very first purchase off Warrior Forum and I was a bit concerned how things would turn out. I was terrified to hit the buy now button. I like the sales page so I decided why not..
Also she is selling the product for just $19 which is a steal with all the things being promised. Squidoo has been good to me though I have neglected it. I only have a few lens out there but I am still making money off it.

Recently due to my neglect sales have dipped, income has dipped. Hopefully Squid Pro Quo will give me some ideas on ramping up my lens and make some profits.

Squid Pro Quo Download

After payment I was directed to a page to download the product. It has a 60 day money back guarantee btw, which comes in handy if I do not like the product. Just wanted to let you know.

The download is a zip file which when extracted has a main eBook and four folders.

These are the Keyword Tracker, Lens Planner, Squidoo Links Instructions, Your Amazon Links Instructions.

I just skimmed the eBook. I will be starting out with keyword research tomorrow.

Lets see how it goes…

From what I have read, there is no question of a refund. The eBook is thorough and detailed, has examples and images. Just what I was looking for a steal at $19 :)

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