Easy Video Payday shows how to use YouTube to earn money from Videos

easy video payday reviewEasy Video Payday helps you understand how to simplify the money making process. You learn in Module 1 how to find a product to promote and the keywords to target. Next, you learn how to make a video to promote the product you found (in Module 2 of Easy Payday Review).

Today it is time to move on to Module 3 and here we learn how to rank the video. How to get visitors to the video and how to make the actual sale.

This entire process is almost a science and can be achieved for FREE and you can make money from Day1. This is totally dependent on how focused you are and how much you want to make it happen I guess.

For me, I am still learning how to make the video still. I am in no hurry and his bonus on Video making is just awesome. It is known as Youtube marketing Domination and I kind of like it more than the main product.

I am literally blown away with what I learnt from Module 3 of Easy Video Payday. This is totally awesome and gives us so many insights. My $9 was well spent.

Here is a free resource to generate more youtbe video views.

Viral Image Curator Pro Review

I purchased Viral Image Curator Pro today.

I am so thrilled by this purchase. I was never good at editing pictures and since I am handling 9 Social Media clients now I wanted an image software which did the work for me.

With Image curator Pro I can source copyright free images, place quotes on them and send them over to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest immediately.

Check it out on Facebook Page -> http://www.facebook.com/LathaLukose

Here are some images I created and posted on my timeline and my clients. So what do you think?

Mark Twain Image created by Viral Image Curator Pro

Easy video Payday Review ~ Affiliate Marketing with Videos

This is a continuum of our review of Easy Video Payday by Paul. Till now we have covered Module 1. Today we move onto Module 2 of Easy Video Payday. Module 2 has a single video and a pdf transcript of the video. The transcript does not have everything so try and watch the video in it’s entirety.

Module 2 is about making videos… Yeah I need this primer.

Here he covers everything about how to make a video.

Where to find the images (royalty free images)

Where to get the music (for free)

Free and Paid software to create the video

Paul shows another affiliate network which I had never known and am planning to promote from today.

So Module 2 of Easy PayDay review ends with video creation. Excited to see what comes in Module 3.

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Easy video Payday Review ~ How to make money with youtube videos

When I saw the advertisement for Easy Video Payday and its bold promises on making money from videos I wasnt sure if they were true.
Look at the promises he makes

Promise: Case Studies + Video Training Proving How I Use Videos To Land HUGE Paydays Over $5k Made In 1 Month

-Step by Step Video Training
-Membership site
-No techie experience required
-Works over and over again
-Newbie Friendly
-Very Simple
-EXTREMELY Profitable

This had to be tested by me and that is just what I was looking to do.

I went ahead and purchased it and I will be reviewing it over the next few days.

The product is videos and Pdf files. There are 3 Modules + Intro Module plus a Bonus Module.

The intro is a simple welcome message.

Module 1

In this module in the Easy Video Payday he walks through how to select a product. What criteria to use, and he speaks about a simple yet effective way to choose a product and keywords. He shows us how to find keywords using a simple method and a free tool.

He shows how to find a product to promote, the keywords and shows some examples.

  • Finding a good product is key to making sales, so one should pay good attention to what he says here.
  • what kind of searches the product is getting
  • keywords used to promote it

So thats it for this module.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Profile – Steps and a Cheatsheat

LinkedIn was a platform I dreaded. It was so very different from Facebook and Twitter that I did not want to go ahead with it. I felt I did not need it at all. Was I wrong?

First and foremost all my clients wanted to know if I was on LinkedIn. I was ashamed to let them know I was but not very active.

I hadn’t even updated my profile and had not logged in for months. One particular local client (a big shot) said he didn’t care about my favorite Facebook L He wanted a profitable campaign setup in LinkedIn because all his friends hung out there.

So here is how I got started adding a LinkedIn Corporate account. First select the Companies when you log in. It is right on the top.

Then select Add Company and this is the page you see (look below)

Add the company info and ht continue.

LinkedIn says you need to verify – so go to your email and verify the email.

Next step is to optimize your LinkedIn Corporate account

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