About Latha

Hello everyone and welcome!

My name is Latha and I work as a PPC Specialist.

A little bit about me

I was born in a small village and soon realized that I was very good at learning things. I was not good at many other things and was not very keen on socializing or hanging out.

I did what I could do best, research!! And I started my very first job as a website designer. Though the job title said designer, we were given web coding and web maintenance. I did not like the lack of focus and the work.

I decided to study again!!

I went back to school and did my Masters in Computer Science. I got a 3.93 GPA, an award (James Sleep Award), a Research Assistant position which paid my tuition, but I wasn’t feeling happy.

My First Job outside India

I was selected for a job based on my qualifications. I was good at it, and liked parts of it. But it still didnt hold the charm for me. Except that it paid my bills and more. The company was willing to sponsor my green card but 2 years into it, I decided to move back.

Life in India

It was a journey dotted with struggle, learning experiences and lots of setbacks. It was difficult to adjust back into the work environment. I found it very difficult to be a super mom juggling career and home.

I decided to take a break

I gave my daughter priority over my work. At that time I thought that was the best way to go. Thankfully, I am still glad with that decision. Looking for ways to work from home I ventured into Affiliate Marketing. I setup and winded up numerous Blogs and finall my skills with Social Media landed me a job as Social Media Manager in a company.

I moved on from there to PPC and now focus all my time on PPC and Social Media. I also write articles and blog posts.

Through this website I am trying to share my experiences and hopefully it will help you find solutions.  If you have any specific questions, please drop me an email at info@estellaeffects.com



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3 thoughts on “About Latha

  1. Hi Latha,

    I understood two things about you after reading your brief life history.

    1. You never give up.

    2. You are a hard worker.

    Which part of India do you belong to..! I am blogger and a social media enthusiast like you..

    However, my core strength is in helping people achive a fine balance in health, wealth and happiness through my Neuro Linguistic training programs at different cities in India.

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