How To Earn Money Online In India – Part 1

Looking to make money online in India? Let me tell you how I got started with making money online. Over the course of the next few “How To Earn Money Online In India” series, I will be sharing some ways which worked for me and some which did not.

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You can use these strategies to figure out the best ways to get started and choose the work from home opportunity which works for you the best.

Earn Money online in India without Investment

This is what I wanted when I got started off first. I had little to no money for venturing out into the making money gambit. Circumstances forced me to stay at home and I needed to find a source of income quick. That’s when I started off with my research on free ways to make money online.

I cam across an article which spoke about the concept called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in simple terms means promoting other people’s products. In exchange for a sale, the product owner will give you a commission or some money.

Today I made $100 in sales using this strategy. I used to use free blogs to write articles and promote my affiliate products. I made very few sales but was hopeful. Then I found this money making product (it is a paid one). I used it and my sales tripled. I did not use this strategy to its full potential and still I am getting results for work I did in Sept 2010.

Earn Money Online in India by Survey

You can also make money by taking part in surveys. How this works is companies want people to provide feedback on their products. It might be a new product they are launching or a new service. They are looking for people who identify or fit their customers profile and are willing to spend some time to answer a few questions.

Since these questions can make or break their business, they are willing to pay some money in exchange. There are many survey sites which you can register at. Make sure you use a separate email than your primary email address. Some of these survey companies (might) sell your email address and/or send a lot of promotional offers.

Earn Money Online in India for Students

I wish someone had let me know of these methods when I was a student. Strapped for cash or need extra cash – no worries. Just start

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up  a blog or website related to your field of interest also known as a niche.

Write a few articles on keywords people are looking for. Publish these articles and create backlinks to them. Promote using twitter and social media and use Google Analytics to track your activities.

While this sounds simple, it does require a lot of thought and time. Stay tuned to the next article which will be picking up a topic one at a time and defining a strategy to take it off ground.

Students can also offer services like content writing, seo article writing, seo services, data entry.

These pay enough and more money to pay of bills.

P.S. It would be a great help if you could leave a comment below with what exactly you are looking for. Hopefully I can outline a strategy which you can use.

Google launched Google My Business

Google My Business was launched by Google which is a tool for business owners.
Google My Business
You can get the Google Mybusiness App from Google play store

Here is what the Google My Business App will allow you to do

Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+. Use the free app to:

- Update your business info on Search, Maps and more
- Share news, updates and photos on your Google+ page
- Get custom insights, such as how many times you show up on Google

Here is a video released by Google on what Google My Business is about

Get Paid Draw Review , Scam or Legit, What is the Get Paid Draw Method?

Get Paid to Draw system is actually a website with information on how to make thousands of dollars selling your humble scribbling online. The sales page is very well designed, and looks like a total scam. I found that the get paid draw method and system was one of the highest selling system and decided to take a closer look.

It seems pictures from your cellphone can fetch you money, while this may be true, but can they really fetch you $2000 per month? I doubt it.

The Get Paid to Draw System

Get paid to draw method has 3 steps to it.

Step One teaches you how to click pictures, get creative and make them ready to make cash.

Step two apparently teaches you how to upload your images, like I wanted to know that.

Step 3 teaches you how to sell your images over and over and get paid when someone buys the image
(or downloads it).

Why to purchase Get Paid to Draw ?

It is a cheap eBook which will save you lots of research time.

What do you get with Get Paid to Draw?

It is a 50 page eBook, and some say that it is poorly written. The eBook lacks teaching marketing and selling skills to artists.

The Get Paid toDraw eBook has descriptions and examples but some people are saying that they are not thorough.

Some other Get Paid to Draw Books which might be a better option than this eBook?

The Business of Being and Artist might be a better option as it has been written by an artist and is for artists.

Can you really get paid thousands of Dollars?

What do you get with Get Paid to Draw ? GetPaidtoDraw comes with an eBook, videos and a database.

You can also access author Jules Camber who supposedly replies back as ‘Jamie, President of Champ Entertainment, Inc and Beats 365, LLC.

Is the Get Paid Draw system a scam?

Some say it is and some say it is isn’t.

What I found from  my research is that Getpaidto draw has a lot of information and shows you how you can earn an income online from home using art.

Some of the opportunities are not spoken of in circles and can give artists a headstart in getting setup online the right way.

How can you make a LOT of money using Get Paid to draw? can help you make a lot of money, but it involves a lot of work. If you can set up some time and upload as many images as you can one the sites mentioned.
What is and who should buy it?

If you are an artist or budding artist or a photographer, then this eBook will be very helpful in taking your freelance career off.

You learn about the industry, how people are making money online, what places are there to sell your art or photographs.

If you are interested in learning how to showcase your work so that companies can find you and your work, then getpaidtodraw can get you started on that.

Do you have to be an artist?

You require some creativity, either are able to click good pictures, or draw.

Though the get paid to draw system says you can make money with any art, I seriously doubt it. You need some good pictures to make the $1000 mentioned.

How does work?

You have to go through the eBook and the first section covers how to draw. This has been inadequately covered, and it would be advisable to invest in proper training if you are really interested in learning how to draw.

Chapter 13 covers the business aspect where you get introduced to various opportunities including eBay.

The eBook could have added more details but it is a start.

Videos provided with getpaidtodraw

Videos showing how to draw ( not very elaborate), videos on how to make a website, how to videos showing how to sign up with clickbank, Google Adwords and Google Adsense are provided. database

This section of the get paid to draw members system provides a listing of sites which pay for drawings, advertising agencies who can be contacted but they are US based only.

How to earna  recurring income using GetPAidtoDraw

Create accounts in the websites mentioned in the database and upload your drawing or pictures. The websites pay money when people buy your image. There is a potential for multiple sales hence you can setup a recurring income stream.

Unlike sites like eBay, this means a recurring income flow. The catch is the pictures and drawings on these sites are very good, so your image needs to stand out.

Bonus provided for Getpaid to draw
Bonus 1: The Profit Arsenal – 7 ebook course
Bonus 2: The complete graphics champ ecourse and system.

This has 12 videos which show you how to use photoshop and are available in the members area.

Bonus 3: Real Personal Support via Email & Total Guidance

SUPER BONUS 4: Exclusive “Machine Gun Marketing Pocket Guide”

This guide teaches you Google adwords Pay Per Click.

What are some sites where you can sell prints of your art?, ,

Other sites

Search for “Royalty free graphic sites” in Google and submit your work there.

What equipment is used by designers?

For digial printing a graphics tablet would be a good buy. These are not essential but make creating digital graphics for websites real easy.

Designers also own a flatbed scanner and digital camera as these can be quite handy.

Other places to sell Designs online?

Places to sell your designs online

Conclusion about Getpaidtodraw

Getpaidtodraw has information which can be obtained for free, if you know what to look for and where to get it.

IT is small fee for getting all the information at one place (and information which is correct). You would have to use this information and apply it and research on it further to make it work for you.

List of sites to upload photos and get paid royalty

5 Crazy Facts About Amazon

“The 5 Crazy Facts About Amazon (2014)”:

5. Amazon has over 200 MILLION buyer credit cards on file (all ready to buy with ONE CLICK)

4. Amazon receives over 580 MILLION MONTHLY visits (that’s 19 MILLION per day!)

3. Amazon spends on average at least $5 MILLION per month on just paid search advertising!

2. The average order value (how much people buy in a single transaction) on is $220.00

1. In 2013, Amazon’s revenue was $74.5 BILLION (just 3 years ago, it was $34 billion…it’s nearly DOUBLED since then!)

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Home Study Training

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Home Study Training

Go from novice to a pro internet marketer with step by step videos teaching you how to setup sites and getting traffic

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Internet Marketing defies all economic trends. Amidst the economic recession, Internet Marketing is well and truly thriving. In fact many internet marketers are generating 7 to 8-figure incomes working part time from the comfort of their homes.

To be a successful internet marketer does not require a diploma or a degree. All you need is some free time, the right resources and training to start earning a passive income online. And unlike setting up a physical business or a franchise, internet marketing requires minimal investment.

Introducing EarnersClassroom

It is a fact that most people who start internet marketing fail due to the lack of quality resources.

Earners Classroom is an A-Z Internet Marketing Online Academy providing comprehensive, step-by-step quality coaching videos developed by experts to help both beginners and seasoned Internet Marketers succeed in their online venture. This video series will take you from a novice to a pro in no time at all.

- Quality training and internet marketing tools that will help You succeed with starting your online income stream.
- Overcome the technical challenges to starting your Online Business.
- Amazing products offering step by step instructions, tackling specific problems and offering simple solutions.
- If you’re just starting out, there is no better recommendation than practical ‘step-by-step’ instructions and guidance.
- Find the core technical information you need to be a successful online marketer – big or small.

There are 4 Sections :

IM Boot Camp

Over 10 hours of step-by-step training video tutorials and PDF PowerPoints To follow along with.

This video series will break the technical barriers that have been holding you back from setting up your online business. Learn the exact steps to setting up your domain, hosting, help desk, membership area and much more.

WordPress Bootcamp

Increasingly internet marketers are realising the power of WordPress. Its Content Management System (CMS) offers a multitude of benefits.

WordPress Boot Camp contains 60 jam-packed step-by-step WordPress video tutorials that will take you from a novice to a pro in no time at all.

Learn everything you need to know about WordPress and blogging in this video series.

Traffic Generation

Without traffic no business can succeed. Having a website without traffic is like having a billboard in the middle of the desert. Money is in traffic. There are many ways of driving traffic to a website such as SEO, Social Bookmarking, video marketing etc.

But where do you start? Traffic Generation contains over 12 hours of in-depth training on how to drive new customers to your website.

Fire Your Boss

8 Step by Step Video Course on how to make money online using the powerful method of Affiliate Marketing.


  • No need to have your own product or Niche
  • No need to have your own website
  • No need to have any name recognition
  • No need to invest a lot of money
  • No need for technical skills

Course Overview

  • Over 229 lectures and 45 hours of content!
  • Learn how to setup a website from scratch using wordpress
  • What Search Engine Optimization is and how it can benefit your website
  • How to generate traffic for your sites using various methods
  • How to monetize your website
  • Brainstorm niche market and do keyword research
  • Customize the appearance and install themes
  • Maintain, backup, and secure your website

Access Course here

Empower Network India Honest Review – What do you get with Empower Network

Are you looking for Empower Network India reviews? Empower Network just happened in my life. I have been an affiliate marketer and had been in contact with a friend who was into this business for years.

When she suggested Empower Network I was skeptical.

Empower Network India Fake?

While reviewing this system by Dave I realized that this system was a blessing for MLM and Network Marketers in India.

I was not into Network Marketing or MLM and hence it threw up some red flags for me.

Empower Network India.. is going to be the next big revolution for all struggling network marketers and affiliate marketers.

Empower Network India? What’s Is This All About

Empower Network India is a term coined for Empower Network Members from India. I am NOT a part of Empower Network.

I help network marketers market their Network Marketing business online.

I share FREE videos and review resources which can take your marketing to the next level.

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and get all these videos and future updates.

Youtube Quick Cash Review | Youtube Quick Cash What is it?

Youtube Quick Cash review

Youtube Quick Cash is a series of videos which show you how to make money from YouTube. This is a free method to implement and anyone can use it to MAKE Money.Youtube Quick Cash review

What is YouTube Quick Cash?

Youtube Quick Cash is a video course where James Knight will walk you through step by step how he is making money from Youtube. It is very thorough, it has videos and a pdf document with some links in it.

What does YouTube Quick Cash Contain?

YouTube Quick Cash has videos, where he and his brother teach their system. You can watch the video and watch as he finds the videos, sets up the channels and makes money without making a video.

>>> Check out YouTube Quick Cash

Here is what you will learn

1. Offers and Landing Pages – what are you promoting? where are you sending these people? Very basic yet very thorough.

2. Choose the Affiliate Offer – You know where to sign up and get offers, but how do you select the best offer? Is there a science to it? Yes.

3. Swiping Keywords – Everybody else makes the money but me … Not any more. Swipe the successful ones. You can make money by just copying the successful ones, see what they are doing and copy – it is very simple.

4. Video Boost – You are taught to setup the channel, the right way and to give your videos the boost YouTube loves and recommends.

5. Create Video – He shows you how to not create a video :) You can use other people’s videos with Youtube’s permission.If you make your own video, it is nice but you don’t have to.

>>> Check out YouTube Quick Cash

6. Upload Video – Anyone can do this… but do it the right way and make money.

Where can I buy YouTube Quick Cash?

You can purchase it by clicking here >> Youtube Quick Cash

Can I make money with YouTube Quick Cash?

You can if you implement it. It is very quick and it works quickest with CPA offers.

>>> Check out YouTube Quick Cash

Is Youtube Quick Cash a Scam?

People are making money with it. I have made money with it. I am sure it is not a scam. It is a simple system which can be used by anyone to make money online.

What else is needed with YouTube Cash system to make money?


You just need your computer, internet connection and watch the videos and do as he says.

Is there an upsell with Youtube Quick Cash?

Yes there is. It is a system to build fanbase youtube quickly. It is called Youtube Profit Landing Pages .

What does it do?

You can make professional fan pages and generate leads. See there are 3 things you can do with a visitor who comes to watch your video. One, send him directly to the offer, two, send him to a landing page, 3 send him to a funnel.

Most do it one, send them to offer. I do that as well. I also do two, send them to a landing page. What if you could make stunning landing pages at the click of a button which are proven to convert? You can get the leads and sell to the list over and over.

So I always prefer 2 – hence I recommend Youtube Profit Landing Pages for it.