Can CPA, YouTube and Facebook make you money?

Generate Leads on Facebook – How To Easily Generate Leads On Facebook 2014 How To Easily Generate Leads On Facebook Add an optin form into your facebook page and collect leads from the page.
How to get more facebook fans and generate leads on facebook

Generate Leads on Facebook

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Generate Leads on Facebook…

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How to get Facebook likes

How to get Facebook likes How to get facebook likes, fans to your Facebook fan page. Facebook has billions of users and millions log in daily. so if you are not using Facebook you are not utilizing one of the most powerful platforms to connect, promote and share.

Facebook Pages can be used by companies, small business owner, non profits, network marketers, service providers to connect with potential customers.

You need people to like your Facebook page to connect with them and this video shows you how to engage, share and get more facebook likes.

Facebook Marketing Videos


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Facebook Marketing Videos


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Simple FB List Building Review Day 6

Simple FB Listbuilding is a complete package.

It is thorough and is suitable for newbies and experienced marketers.

Day 6 of the simple fb list building covers the final module on monetizing your fans.

If you thought you knew how then think again. Numerous easy methods to monetize your Facebook fans have been mentioned in this module.

Some I never knew, some I am using. I cannot reveal much about this module without spilling the beans.

So just check this module and implement the techniques mentioned there.

My journey reviewing simple fb listbuilding has taken me to a new level in internet marketing. I have so many new ideas. Some have been implemented; some are still in the planning phase.

Whether you are looking at affiliate marketing, building a list, generating leads for your customers or yourself, you need this in your toolkit. Click on the link below and grab the product.

>> Simple Facebook List Building <<

Simple Facebook Listbuilding Review Day 5

Simple Facebook Listbuilding guide by AJ and Gaurabh is a must if we want to market effectively build lists and create a sustainable income generating system.

It is also a good purchase or rather a must if you want to generate leads at low prices. For some niches and target markets the leads can be as low as a cent per click.

Solo ads, Google ads all can cost a fortune. It can take a lot of time to test a market using these platforms.

On the other hand you can use these Facebook ads to check out a niche or test a niche, test the market, test the products in the niche.

Till now we have learnt how to create a Facebook page, add an optin form using a free squeeze page generator.

This module is 16 pages long and covers how to run your Facebook ads and potentially get 1 cent clicks.

This section is full of actionable steps. I will advise you to open the guide and perform the steps as you read.

This will make it easier to follow and you can always head back to the guide for reference.

I can guarantee that even if you are an experienced marketer you can take some nuggets away from this section.

They have covered how to set a budget, split test, free software to create good quality images for your ads.

Various points have been provided on improving CTR.

Facebook Images

This subsection shows you how to make your images stand out. how to create these images for free, how to split test images.

Other sub topics mention ad copy, ad placement, how to show your Facebook ads to only those people who are the best fit for your niche or product.

You cannot go wrong with this technique and this technique is so simple you will be surprised.

There is so much material and step by step instructions it is totally worth the $10 I spent.

It is on a dime sale that means the price increases every so many sales. So if you want to check it out, then purchase it before it increases more.

Tomorrow we will move on to the next module, module 5 Monetizing your Fans.

>> Simple Facebook List Building <<

Simple Facebook List Building Review Day 4

Day 4 already and I am totally psyched about today’s topic on simple fb listbuilding. Today’s module is on how to build squeeze pages for Facebook for free.

I was actually looking at purchasing pricy software for this purpose last week and am totally excited to check out their free method and if I can make it work for me. I am planning to use this for my domain

Module 3 Creating your Facebook Squeeze Page for Free

Cannot believe it when they mentioned “No Bull No Hype” on their sales page, they meant it. This section is exactly 18 pages long and it has blown me away.

I have setup Facebook tabs for clients but I never really figured out the simple easy and free way to setup a Facebook tab and have a squeeze page setup in that tab.

They mention free tools to setup your free Facebook squeeze page

Tool 1 Your Autoresponder – Check

I have aweber.

Tool 2 Your free Squeeze page generator

Awesome, it is free, simple to use and online. No downloads whatever and it even hosts my form for me. I can copy the code if I want and use it on my domain as well. Perfect!!

Tool 3 Free tool to add the Tab

I knew this one before. I just didn’t know how to use it in this manner though. Wow so potent and so powerful. I will post a video on how to use this tool and post it in the next few days. I won’t be giving their formula away, so it will be fair I guess to share it with you for free.


Even if you know how to use aweber and create a form, please pay attention to page 14, step 4. I skimmed through this and to redo everything. The whole process (done twice) took me 45 minutes. This process should take you 15 minutes max. Took me longer as I was trying to troubleshoot my errors.

Page 22 of the guider – I didn’t not understand this section.

(Update: managed to contact Gaurabh and he sent me a video explaining this and it has ironed out)

I love the section on how to get both facebook likes and leads. Contemplating on whether to set this one on my page… Will it deter people from sighing up?

Please check my video showing how I added the tab and the optin form,

I am not showing the exact steps well I cannot give their formula away, but look at how it looks.

Tomorrow we will check out simple fblistbuilding module 4, setting up your Facebook ads.

Simple Facebook List Building Review Day 3

Module 2 of Simple FB Listbuilding techniques is on creating your Facebook fan page

This section is approximately 4 pages long and covers all the basics of creating a Facebook fan page.

I am revising my fan page based on the guidelines mentioned here. You can check my fan page here. Over the next few days I will be tweaking it.

This module on creating a Facebook fan page is very thorough, detailed and step y step. It covers all the nuts and bolts of Facebook fan page creation. It even tells you how to get really nice, high quality Facebook page cover photos (image size as per Facebook guidelines). I will be changing mine soon. I am not very happy with the present one. I might shoot a video of the changes and paste it on this page once I am done.

Feel free to post your comments below with suggestions and questions.

This module mentions about Facebook page visibility and how to ensure your Facebook posts are visible to more people.

I had noticed this happening with my posts and was thinking on similar grounds and now I know why. I am planning to implement this trick and I have another trick I thought of just now to increase my Facebook post visibility.

Hmmm liking what I purchased immensely. I have to modify my strategy based on what I have learnt so far, as this is much better than I expected. $10 was so worth the money.

Tomorrow we tackle the next module, module 3 of simple fb listbuilding – creating your squeeze page. I am so so ready for this one.

Simple Facebook ListBuilding Review Day 2

Day 2 of purchasing Simple Facebook Listbuilding and we venture into Module 1 – selecting your niche. I thought I would skim through this section, but then again better read it now.

Let me at least take a look at what they say about niches. They speak about evergreen niches, to be honest I never heard of these before and the three niches they mention; well I am in one of them, hurray!!

I am not sure I agree completely but then I am not interested in reinventing, I want to follow and do as they say.

Since I am already in one evergreen niche I guess I will stick to this niche for this case study.

This module is 3 pages long speak about trending as well and some new techniques, I need to implement.

Making a note to use these techniques.

Hmm interesting Facebook is introducing trending widget it seems. Did you know that? I did not… Just got back from medical leave.

Well I am not excited about Facebook trending widget. I hated that last change in design. Absolutely hate all the garbage. There is so much happening and distracting.

Anyway back on track. This section was good. Moving on to the next tomorrow.

Simple Facebook List Building Module 2 – Creating your Facebook Fan Page.

Simple Facebook List Building Review Day 1

Simple Facebook List Building by AJ and Gaurabh is the latest addition to my marketing tools. I am always on the lookout for products which will help my business and clients.

Simple facebook list building has been on the best seller list and when I saw it was for $10 I grabbed a copy.
The product is an eBook, there was as upsell I never looked at that copy. I wanted the guide, that’s it. The eBook is a pdf doc, 51 pages in length

Simple Facebook List Building Guide claims to show the exact same methods that AJ and Gaurabh use to generate high quality leads through Facebook Ads.

My aim is to learn how I can spend as little as possible, generate quality leads and make money (recurring).
The guide promises to show me how to setup a lead capture page, a step by step method to generate leads, grow my list and profit from new prospects.

My list has kind of stagnated, there are minimal signups, I need to add at least a 100 leads per day.
I have marketed on Facebook Ads and have spent minimal amounts for quality leads, CPC is very low for my ads.
I am hoping this guide will not be a bummer and will help me get something new out of it.

Tomorrow I begin with Module 1 (selecting your Niche). Remember this guide will show you how to run your facebook ad efficiently, save money and generate leads.

This is not a way to make money for free. It is a method to make massive amounts of money using minimal investment. If you have been marketing online you will understand how important leads are for any business (and importantly quality leads).

Alongwith this guide you will require an investment for Facebook Ads, an auto-responder.

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