Article Marketing is still working, at least for me. Even after the Panda and Penguin and what not’s, I am getting traffic to my websites.

Article Writing Mistake No 1 – Writing Irrelevant Content

Most Articles I have read have no relation to the website and the topics on the website. Writing relevant content is very important if you want to keep people interested in your content and in what you have to say.

Article Writing Mistake No 2 – Linking with the same Anchor Text Always

Usually articles are written to get in more traffic (as a part of the off page seo strategy). So usually a marketer will drop in hyperlinks using keywords they think will help them rank better. Sadly, they will always link with the same or the same set of keywords. This is not good as it might get your website sandboxed. Use variations of keywords in your back links.

Article Writing Mistake No 3 – Being too Vague

Some article writers choose a good topic but then the content is too vague and does not do justice to the topic at all. As an article writer you should make sure that the article is well written and puts the message across in the best possible manner.

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