Earn Money Online Typing

Earn Money Online Typing

Now you can make money online typing in India. Typing for me is writing content or words or articles. Here is one way to make money and that is by writing articles.

Earn money online typing, One of the rare non-Apple laptops seen in an other…

Earn money online typing, One of the rare non-Apple laptops seen in an other…—Ed Yourdon (Flickr.com)

You must be thinking it is not possible to make any money writing articles right? It is very simple actually and you can use the strategy I use.

If you are able to write sentences then you should be okay. Pick up a niche or area of interest. Let us start with a niche like house appliances.

Now drill down to an appliance or product you would like to promote.

I have chosen a davincikalanim5501crib to promote because I like kids and kid products. Now write up some content for this product.

I broke it down as Features and Benefits and a poll. I also have added some things of interest to a potential buyer.

This is all for my content and typing work.

Earn Money Online Typing – Post on Squidoo

Next I make a lens – If you do not have a squidoo account then you must create one by going here >> Create a Squidoo Account

Sign up with Squidoo

Create a Lens

And post or publish it

Thats it you are done.

Repeat this process of lens creation for as many products you like.

Now you need to send traffic over to the lens. I use a minimal link building using ezine articles and bookmarking.

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