Easy Paycheck Formula by Sara Young a mother of 7 kids claims that if you implement her system you will get money, sales and leads.

Sara’s system is into affiliate marketing but for those of you who turn up their nose and say, not another product about affiliate marketing, read this review, watch the videos, look at the pros and cons and then decide.

Easy Paycheck Formula has 6 chapters; the first chapter is “Prepare for Success”.

This chapter has 6 steps which help you understand what a niche is, how to pick a niche & keyword selection.

You learn to analyze keywords scientifically and by using this method you cannot go wrong.

The method is very similar to what was taught by Erica Stone of Squid Pro Quo, uses similar free tools but there are some modifications.

I prefer this over Erica’s for some tips and clarity. Also it becomes narrowing down your niche very very easy.

There are some minor differences between Erica Stone’s Squid Pro Quo and Easy Paycheck Formula by Sara Young. Both are good as standalone products, since I reviewed and implemented both I think both are good in their own right.

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>> Easy Paycheck Formula <<

I would use Squid Pro Quo if I was focusing only on Squidoo. That product has some templates which I can plugin to Squidoo (I plugged into my own website and got conversions).

Easy Paycheck Formula has a chapter dedicated to traffic – this is something worth the purchase.

I will make a video and show you how much of a difference some of her tricks made me (traffic wise). Incidentally all my traffic is from referral (not Google).

I had quite a bit of success with Squid Pro Quo and Sara’s method looks more scientific to me.

By the end of this chapter you will have identified a niche, identified keywords (exact keywords which will make you sales), you know exactly what to promote.

Tomorrow we move onto chapter 2 – setup your webpage.

Don’t worry you do not need a domain or hosting, Sara says she will show you free places to host your web pages.

Click below to check out Easy Paycheck Formula

>> Easy Paycheck Formula <<


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