Today’s chapter is the most exciting chapter for me. I totally loved Chapter 1 about picking keywords, created my free page and it is time we sent them some traffic.

This chapter has 2 sections virtual rankings and high traffic sources.

When I had purchased My Online Income System and had made lots of money, I understood these sources.

Sara explains how to scientifically find these sources.

Using her techniques you cannot go wrong, even if you are a newbie. If you are a newbie make sure you watch the video (bonus) on the tool chest.

You will find it easier to understand high traffic sources better.

Using the system I found my sources and got to work. I was lazy and used only a few.

I had created a brand new website and can you believe it the site as already registered 8 visitors. All my traffic is referral that is zero Google traffic.

Using Sara’s system my traffic is highly targeted and I can get this irrespective of all the Panda and Penguin and Hummingbirds.

I am so excited. Everything seems to fall in place finally. Tomorrow we move onto Chapter 5, traffic from Google.

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