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Excellent one stop shop to make videos and money from videos for some great products.

This is a continuum of our review of Easy Video Payday by Paul. Till now we have covered Module 1. Today we move onto Module 2 of Easy Video Payday. Module 2 has a single video and a pdf transcript of the video. The transcript does not have everything so try and watch the video in it’s entirety.

Module 2 is about making videos… Yeah I need this primer.

Here he covers everything about how to make a video.

Where to find the images (royalty free images)

Where to get the music (for free)

Free and Paid software to create the video

Paul shows another affiliate network which I had never known and am planning to promote from today.

So Module 2 of Easy PayDay review ends with video creation. Excited to see what comes in Module 3.

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Excellent one stop shop to make videos and money from videos for some great products.

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