Ghostwriting Cash Review – Day 1

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On July 4, 2012
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This is a great product which teaches you how to fish quickly. It is truly an earn while you learn product. I am impressed.

Today I have started reading the Ghost writing Cash Report. This is a 46 page PDF document and 12 sections. The very first section is “The Perks of Ghostwriting Aren’t all about the money”.

The Perks of Ghostwriting Aren’t all about the money

This section covers 3 pages. This section is a great read and it addresses the major issues with people wanting to “make money” overnight. It busts the myths that money can be made overnight. Yes, money can be made overnight, BUT not the kind of money people speak about (I made $6997.35 today).

First of all they forget to mention that they did not make a dime for many years or months before they made some money. Second, they forget to mention that there is no get rich quick scheme. Third, they did not mention, the days and nights they did not sleep, the research they had to do, the feelings of depression they have been through.

Finally, doesn’t the amount to the penny seem suspicious?

The sub topic in this section “You Get to Spy on Niches Other Marketers Know Are Hot” was an “aha” moment for me. It is simple really, a marketer wants to make money. So, if you follow him and understand his ways, you stand to gain a LOT.

Tiffany Dow’s course is not about learning how to write. It is about how to use your writing to make money. There is a difference. Tiffany mentions what 80% of the top marketers (Top 5%) are doing?


She mentioned something which made me sit straight up. Literally! Are they really doing this? Why are the marketers doing something different from what they are teaching? How could they do this?

I completed the first section on Ghostwriting Cash and I am impressed. I learnt a LOT and I am ready for the next which is “What Skills does it Take to Be a Ghostwriter

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This is a great product which teaches you how to fish quickly. It is truly an earn while you learn product. I am impressed.
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