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On July 8, 2012
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Tiffany Dow has put out an excellent product, which will help turn your dreams of making money with your writing a reality.

Today is another day to tackle the Ghostwriting Cash Course and I cannot wait to get started. Tiffany has got me hooked. I have decided instead of setting up a new account on eLance, I will use my Odesk account to test this course.

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Writing is My Hobby—Charles Jeffrey Danoff (Flickr.com)

Todays Chapter is “Listings of Hot Spots for Ghostwriting Work”. This is a 4 page chapter and looks very exciting. Let me go grab a cup of tea before I begin.


I am back to tackle ghostwriting cash. I took a look at the next chapter and I am tempted to read that instead.. No.. Let me stick to this one first.

She lists different places people are willing to provide work. I am already registered as a service provider on one of them. I am thinking I will just use the tips she mentioned in the previous chapter to optimize this profile.

Each and every paragraph I browse through in the this section of Ghostwriting Cash I keep reminding myself to take notes.

There are so many action steps and really impactful tips. All are straight to the point, do it now kind of tips. I am amazed.

She mentions one forum which is a must to hang out in. I am already a member there but I never posted in it.

I think I need to get back to participating in this forum.

This section of Ghostwriting Cash is very thorough and has a lot of places and websites listed to check out and review.

That’s it for Today

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Tiffany Dow has put out an excellent product, which will help turn your dreams of making money with your writing a reality.

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