There are many websites online which have tons of resources, services and articles on how to promote your local business online. Each and every one of them provides lots of deals and false promises. Have you wondered if these ideas actually work? You can actually hurt your business and your online marketing efforts by following fraudulent advice.

While marketing your local business online make sure that you focus on the basics. Online marketing is for fulfilling a purpose. The purpose might include branding, creating awareness, generating leads, increasing sales. Whatever the goal is, it all is useless if it does not involve relationship marketing, connecting with prospects, communicating, reaching out, giving and being grateful.

When I started online in 2004, I read a few blogs on affiliate marketing and I “assumed” I knew it all. I immediately churned out a blogspot blog, slapped a few affiliate banners and waited for sales. I waited many years and I did not make a penny. I even shared my blog with my best friends and was not making a dime. I lost a few friends and gained nothing. What was a I doing wrong? If you have been into affiliate marketing or have been promoting online, you will be grinning. I know that you are probably aware that marketing online is not about pushing an idea, a product, a proposition down somebody’s throat. It is not about pitching the next best deal to family and friends. No. This is the best way to get rid of friends and family.

Marketing online as I later learnt is all about building relationships. It is about being there for people in need, answering questions, addressing concerns and establishing yourself as a leader. You might not know it all but it is okay if you are able to share some of your knowledge to help solve people’s problems.

Around January 2010 I came across an excellent make money from home product and started making some money online. I used it for barely 2 weeks and then had to head to the hospital for delivery. This product I later realized was working for me because it was helping me build relationships and learn the problems of people I wanted to market to. By understanding their concerns I was able to solve some problems and establish myself as a leader. In return people were interested in purchasing products I recommended.

The product had a 60 day plan which worked for me. It was a step by step plan which forced me to use it. I had a baby in Feb 2010 and that was the end of my marketing efforts. For a few months I did not see a dime. One day I had a direct deposit for a substantial amount in my bank (after 6 months). I traced it back to my marketing efforts performed in January 2010.

Since then I have been consistently earning from that source. I am so grateful for this constant supply which is dribbling in even today. Imagine 1 or 2 weeks of half hearted work and money for years. Now my child is 2 years old and I have decided to ramp up my online activities and do what I do best – making money online. J

What I have learnt over the years is never sell anything (blatantly). Connect with people, build relationships, and gather trust and credibility. One you have the basics correct then the money just follows and not the other way around.

What online marketing concerns do you have for your local business? Do you have a tip to share? Do you have a success story? Please leave us a comment below.

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5 Responses to Local Business Marketing Online – What are you selling?

  1. Jackson G says:

    Excellent post latha…!!! So its about “Building relationships. It is about being there for people in need, answering questions, addressing concerns and establishing yourself as a leader”

  2. Nice blog.
    Keep it up in future.

  3. Know what you’re selling before you start selling it!

  4. Latha says:

    Permission Marketing was something I had to figure out myself. I am also constantly pounded by spammers who have no clue they can be sued.
    Appreciate your insightful comments.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Great advice Latha and I’m happy to hear that your one effort you created a few years back is still working for you. That’s so important.

    I had a guy spam me this past weekend so I sent him a response and told him that I didn’t appreciate it and he needed to learn more about permission marketing. Come to find out, some company is selling people email address of individuals who supposedly opted into their site requesting information. I was livid because I never give out the email address he had sent me this ad on.

    After having a little back and forth with him and he admitted to being brand new, because I took the time with him to explain what he was doing wrong, he has now joined a marketing system I promote so he can learn more of how to do it the right way.

    Take the time to help someone and it will pay off in the end.

    Great post and hope you’re having a great day!


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