Small business owners, here is a question for you. Do you really understand your customer? If you did, your sales would triple. People would just hang on to whatever you say. Why?

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Simple, because that is how humans are.

We want someone to understand us, we want to fit in, yet we want to stand out. We want to look cool and look knowledgeable. We want to be liked and loved and understood.

Hint! Hint! So does your prospect. If you really did understand her needs you would offer her a solution which fits her requirements.

My Story and how it changed my LIFE

Last year due to some serious illness I was on a medication, which made me gain a lot of weight… This meant I needed new clothes. I went to a few clothes stores but was puzzled and frustrated by the variety (or lack of) of clothes. I did not know which to try on.

The clothes I did try on either were loose or too tight or made me look FAT. I still remember the day when I was in tears and called up a friend. I poured out all my concerns, and told her I couldn’t find a SINGLE decent dress. She suggested a shop which I went to. The service staff there was awesome. One lady asked me what I was looking for. I gave her a few suggestions. She made me wait a few minutes and returned with a few clothes.

Each and everyone fit me perfectly. They were just right for me. I purchased 2 right then and returned to purchase 2 more.

The shop has no clue on how much business this one sales girl has gotten them. I have referred many people to that shop. The sales girl seemed to understand me perfectly. Believe it or not, that one experience was a turning point in my life. I have never looked at sales like I did before.

This lady cared for what I wanted. She cared for my budget, my lifestyle requirements, and the choice of colours.

In my eyes, she will always remain an expert.

You might be wondering how you can get to know your prospective customer.  It is actually quite simple.

Local Business Marketing Ideas

Find out where people like to hang out. These might be forums, niche blogs, and yahoo answers. As you start studying your business you will be able to identify these waterholes. Next would be to visit these places yourselves and listen in to conversations and network.

Never promote yourself or brag about yourself here, just participate and help. Ask questions, answer questions yourself or research online and suggest a link.

Slowly you will be able to figure out all the trigger points, the concerns, the most asked questions, common issues, frustrations.  Use these to understand your prospects, to learn what they are looking for. You might be amazed that what you thought might be a major concern and what they actually think about something might be poles apart.

How else can a small business owner learn about their prospects?

Ask them.

Ask your prospects at a forum, on a niche blog, via a poll, via a questionnaire, a post on Facebook or Twitter.

How else can small business owners know what their prospects want?

By tracking their activities legally.

Check your Google Analytics and

  1. Identify what pages people are looking at.
  2. What are the keywords?
  3. What are the exit pages – Where are they going?
  4. Are the happy with what they find?  – bounce Rate
  5. Are they walking through the same pages you had in mind? – Use sales funnels and goals to track this

The good part is that all this information is there at your fingertips for free.

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  2. Mariangie says:

    Latha, for over 7 years my day job used to be a sales representative for agricultural supplies companies. I have never considered myself to be a salesperson, but I always ended up being the top selling rep. My “selling” style never includes pushing, my method is more like having a conversation. My customers/clients never feel like I’m trying to make a buck out of them, but that I’m trying to help them find the solution that better fits their needs and budget. People appreciate that, people remember you for that, just like you do now with the people that helped you in the store. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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