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FAcebook lead generation system which can help you make money without a website.

Day 4 already and I am totally psyched about today’s topic on simple fb listbuilding. Today’s module is on how to build squeeze pages for Facebook for free.

I was actually looking at purchasing pricy software for this purpose last week and am totally excited to check out their free method and if I can make it work for me. I am planning to use this for my domain http://www.lathalukose.com

Module 3 Creating your Facebook Squeeze Page for Free

Cannot believe it when they mentioned “No Bull No Hype” on their sales page, they meant it. This section is exactly 18 pages long and it has blown me away.

I have setup Facebook tabs for clients but I never really figured out the simple easy and free way to setup a Facebook tab and have a squeeze page setup in that tab.

They mention free tools to setup your free Facebook squeeze page

Tool 1 Your Autoresponder – Check

I have aweber.

Tool 2 Your free Squeeze page generator

Awesome, it is free, simple to use and online. No downloads whatever and it even hosts my form for me. I can copy the code if I want and use it on my domain as well. Perfect!!

Tool 3 Free tool to add the Tab

I knew this one before. I just didn’t know how to use it in this manner though. Wow so potent and so powerful. I will post a video on how to use this tool and post it in the next few days. I won’t be giving their formula away, so it will be fair I guess to share it with you for free.


Even if you know how to use aweber and create a form, please pay attention to page 14, step 4. I skimmed through this and to redo everything. The whole process (done twice) took me 45 minutes. This process should take you 15 minutes max. Took me longer as I was trying to troubleshoot my errors.

Page 22 of the guider – I didn’t not understand this section.

(Update: managed to contact Gaurabh and he sent me a video explaining this and it has ironed out)

I love the section on how to get both facebook likes and leads. Contemplating on whether to set this one on my page… Will it deter people from sighing up?

Please check my video showing how I added the tab and the optin form,

I am not showing the exact steps well I cannot give their formula away, but look at how it looks.

Tomorrow we will check out simple fblistbuilding module 4, setting up your Facebook ads.

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FAcebook lead generation system which can help you make money without a website.

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