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Excellent eBook. Learnt a lot of new things and I am on my way to create leads.

Day 2 of purchasing Simple Facebook Listbuilding and we venture into Module 1 – selecting your niche. I thought I would skim through this section, but then again better read it now.

Let me at least take a look at what they say about niches. They speak about evergreen niches, to be honest I never heard of these before and the three niches they mention; well I am in one of them, hurray!!

I am not sure I agree completely but then I am not interested in reinventing, I want to follow and do as they say.

Since I am already in one evergreen niche I guess I will stick to this niche for this case study.

This module is 3 pages long speak about trending as well and some new techniques, I need to implement.

Making a note to use these techniques.

Hmm interesting Facebook is introducing trending widget it seems. Did you know that? I did not… Just got back from medical leave.

Well I am not excited about Facebook trending widget. I hated that last change in design. Absolutely hate all the garbage. There is so much happening and distracting.

Anyway back on track. This section was good. Moving on to the next tomorrow.

Simple Facebook List Building Module 2 – Creating your Facebook Fan Page.

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Excellent eBook. Learnt a lot of new things and I am on my way to create leads.

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