Qs. I recently just start work from home with my new website selling women clothing. Which I do have great selection of dresses, pant, coat, jacket, swimsuit, skirt, shirt, gown and so on. The price pretty cheap.


Tina had asked a question on answers.yahoo.com. Her question was how can she promote her website which sells dresses, pants, jackets.

I found that I had a lot to offer in response to this question and decided to post it on my blog so that all my readers can view the answer and add to it if they want to.
First of all when you start off with new websites, start with the basics.

Google Analytics setup for new websites

Setup a Google Analytics account, add your website to Google Analytics and add the tracking code they provide to the website.
This will help you track your visitors.

Google Webmaster – Add your website to Google Webmaster

Now head over to Google webmaster (webmaster.google.com )

Add your website here.


1. Add website

2. Verify site (I usually verify with Google Analytics, you can also upload a file into your server and verify)

3. Add a Sitemap

Now you have setup Google Analytics and have added your website to Google Webmaster.

This is for tracking your visits, learning about any site issues.

Next we setup Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube Channel.


Setup A Facebook page for your business ( create Facebook Page )

Select appropriate category, if you are unsure select cause or community.

Change the header, add a few posts and promote it via facebook ads.

(Don’t: Ever buy page likes, it is not good and will get you banned from Facebook)




Search engines keep a track of likes and shares, so we need to exploit all media and create a great social presence.

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