Take your typing skills to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, it is not necessary that you have typing skills to earn money by typing in India. If you can write well and have the ability to put your message across, then you can make money from your typing skills.

Common Concerns about “Earn Money by Typing in India”

The major concern most people have about  making money from typing have been handled below.

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Issue : My grasp of the English knowledge is not good enough.

Okay this is a common one and you will be happy to know that this is not an issue at all. If you can write in decent English then you should have no issues.

By decent I mean people can understand what you have to convey .

Issue: I don’t have time

Then make some time. Take some time off from the television serial or the time you waste chatting incessantly on you r cell phone. Where there is a will there is a way.

Issue: There is no legitimate way to make money

Let me guess! You have been burned. Guess what? So have I. Thankfully there are legitimate ways still left to make money typing in India.

Issue: There are so many people who know to type. I don’t stand a chance.

Slow down.. You do have a chance. The only requirement is writing in an easy to understand language.

I have found this website today which lets you earn money online from typing. Here is the link -> website

How to make money using your typing skills at this website

Once you click the link -> website you will be taken to a website. Here you must register an account.

Once registered you must verify your email address. Clicking on the email verification link sent to your inbox

Once that is done you are now ready to setup your account. Add a welcome message. Edit your signature and update your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus links.

Now the fun begins!!

You can choose to make money with your typing skills in numerous ways. You could answer questions in forums, ask questions in the forum, contribute articles, contribute humorous interview incidents. Contribute quality content and get paid. That is how simple it is.

If you are a qualified writer or consider your English as good, then you could apply to be a contributor. This will ensure that you get paid a regular income.

I just started on this project today and I am so very eager to watch where it takes me. Share your questions below and hopefully I will have some answers for you.

Take Care

Latha Lukose


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4 Responses to Earn Money by Typing in India

  1. Vilas says:

    Hi thanks for nice information about how to earn money online for typing jobs in India. Its great to get money for online article writing. The concept of text content is going to increase day by day in India.

  2. Hafeez says:

    Earn Money by Typing in India – Nice article. If you can communicate or draft well that is more than enough to work online, or speak with others in English.

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