If your account is already linked to a Google Adwords account then you need to first remove or terminate this link before you can set yourself up with MCC or Google Adwords My Client Center.

Once you set up My Client Center for your primary email, you will be able to manage multiple Adwords accounts from a single location.

This is ideal if you are managing multiple accounts and are frustrated with having to log into numerous client accounts (google Adwords accounts), just to manage them.

First and foremost link your primary email to My Client Center by visiting the Google Certification Program link -> http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwords/professionals/

Join the Google Certification Program

Google Certification Program How to setup Multi Tiered MCC Accounts

Add a company detail

It need not be a real company, just something which you will remember. It could very well be your name.
Now you need to sign up with Google Adwords Client Center -> http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwords/myclientcenter/

Google Adwords Client Center2 How to setup Multi Tiered MCC Accounts
create google account How to setup Multi Tiered MCC Accounts
Now to add a nested account

  1. Create a New Gmail Account
  2. Follow the same steps above
  3. Now your second account named say Client Accounts has been signed up with Google Certification program and Google Adwords Client Center.
  4. Sign out and log in with your first or primary account.
  5. Go to https://adwords.google.com/mcm/Mcm
  6. Click on Link Existing Accounts

Link Existing Accounts How to setup Multi Tiered MCC Accounts

Add the second tier MCC accounts using their Account Number

Enter Customer ID How to setup Multi Tiered MCC Accounts

  1. Now log back into the second account and approve the access.
  2. Now you are all set to add multi tiers.
  3. Log into Primary account MCC -> https://adwords.google.com/mcm/Mcm
  4. Navigate to the account you want to link a client to.
  5. For eg: Clients or Friends or Business
  6. Now follow steps above (Click on link existing accounts and add Customer ID and approve as customer).
  7. Hope this helps. Feel free to share this article if it has helped you.


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