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Finding what people wantmake money online meme 5 Steps to Success – Make Money Online this Week   Part 2 

In this step we are trying to understand what people want. This is also called Market research and it is a crucial step in laying the groundwork for your money making venture.

Our aim in this step is to find what people want, what problems they have and find solutions to help them solve these.

Let us understand a few terminologies.

What is affiliate Marketing

In this report we are dealing with a concept called Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s product and getting a commission for the sale.

You are an affiliate. You are like a salesperson, you find products and sell them to customers.

What people are looking for might be something like a crib for their child, heaters for their home, Christmas decorations.

I have sold cribs, water heaters, Christmas decorations, kid’s pyjamas, and cat food. I have also sold products on getting traffic, internet marketing, and video marketing.

To understand what people want you need to go to places they visit. These could be forums, Yahoo answers and listen to what they are talking about.

For example you might visit a forum on cameras and notice that there are many posts about people wondering how they can find a camera for their son or a camera to gift to their wife.

Some might be looking at answers on which camera might be good for taking low light pictures.

To find such a forum you need to go into Google and type in “forum camera”.

Once you start reading these conversations you will be able to understand what people are looking for. This will help you get a fair idea about what they want and now you can start searching for products to promote.


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 5 Steps to Success – Make Money Online this Week   Part 2


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