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Excellent Book

Advanced Google AdWords

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Product Details

    • Paperback: 600 pages
    • Publisher: Sybex; 2 edition (April 24, 2012)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1118194500
    • ISBN-13: 978-1118194508

    • Product Dimensions:

      7.4 x 1.3 x 9.2 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Step-by-Step Instructions
For building, managing, and optimizing your AdWords account.

Never Lose a Customer
Remarketing allows you to reach shoppers who abandoned their carts.

Bid Strategies for Any Budget
Learn profitable techniques that maximize ROI for all your keywords.

Spice Up Your Boring Text Ads
Add phone numbers, locations, and images to your ads with Ad Extensions.

Landing Page Optimization
Design landing pages that result in phone calls and sales.

Boost Your Quality Score
Learn techniques that will help raise your Quality Score.

Keyword Research Techniques
Choose the correct keywords for each stage of the buying funnel.

Profit-Per-Impression Testing
Learn about the best testing metric that exists to measure your test results.

Optimize Your AdWords Account with Advanced Techniques, Tips, and Insights

Increase your AdWords ROI and drive more traffic to your site with this must-have new edition of an industry top-seller. Completely updated, Advanced Google AdWords, Second Edition is packed with in-depth information, expert advice, the latest proven strategies, and top-notch insights for quickly and effectively creating, managing, and refining AdWords campaigns that improve your bottom line.

  • Choose and organize keywords based on user intent and the buying funnel
  • Control exactly when, where, and how your ads are displayed
  • Write ads that connect with searchers to increase traffic and sales
  • Learn the secrets that make the display network perform to your goals
  • Master the testing of ads and landing pages to increase conversion rates
  • Leverage powerful remarketing techniques to convert site visitors whoabandoned their carts
  • Delve into bidding strategies, including enhanced bidding, and find all the ways to make every keyword profitable
  • Extract actionable information from the revamped AdWord Reports and get automated hints from Google on new opportunities
  • Develop a schedule-friendly action plan to continuously optimize and expand your AdWords account

Google AdWords levels the playing field for small businesses and international enterprises alike. Regardless of your AdWords budget or company size, the strategies covered inside this book will help your advertising become more profitable.

Praise for Advanced Google AdWords

“Brad Geddes takes it to the next level, showing you not only how to get the most from your search advertising campaigns, but more importantly why you should use specific features and techniques, who you should be targeting with your creative, and when to use the scores of advanced tactics he describes for maximum impact and profitability.”
Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

“Brad’s book is a powerful combination of deep insight and simple prescriptionsthat will help anyone, from AdWords novice to seasoned pro, get more clicks and make more sales.”
Howie Jacobson, Ph.D., author of Google AdWords For Dummies

“Brad Geddes is one of the few people in the PPC world that I trust to deeply know the facts, communicate them clearly, and add value with insights that save time and/or money. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to really learn paid search and discover the best ways to improve their results.”
Craig Danuloff, Founder, ClickEquations

Inside: Your Google AdWords gift card worth $50, plus save up to $100 on Certified Knowledge Training!

About the Author

AdWords expert Brad Geddes has been managing successful PPC campaigns for more than a decade. He is the first and only AdWords Seminar Leader chosen by Google to teach advanced seminars to Google’s advertisers. He has advised top companies such as Amazon, Red Lobster, Encyclopedia Britannica, World Directories, and R.H. Donnelley. Brad maintains a popular PPC blog ( and writes a column for Search Engine Land. He is a popular speaker at conferences throughout the world, including Search Engine Strategies, SMX, Pubcon, Afri-Tech, and many others.

What are people saying?

– Indispensable for AdWords professionals (Click here to see full review)

– Very good start (Click here to see full review)

– Awesome book (Click here to see full review)
Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars.

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Excellent Book

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