Looking to make money online in India? Let me tell you how I got started with making money online. Over the course of the next few “How To Earn Money Online In India” series, I will be sharing some ways which worked for me and some which did not.

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You can use these strategies to figure out the best ways to get started and choose the work from home opportunity which works for you the best.

Earn Money online in India without Investment

This is what I wanted when I got started off first. I had little to no money for venturing out into the making money gambit. Circumstances forced me to stay at home and I needed to find a source of income quick. That’s when I started off with my research on free ways to make money online.

I cam across an article which spoke about the concept called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in simple terms means promoting other people’s products. In exchange for a sale, the product owner will give you a commission or some money.

Today I made $100 in sales using this strategy. I used to use free blogs to write articles and promote my affiliate products. I made very few sales but was hopeful. Then I found this money making product (it is a paid one). I used it and my sales tripled. I did not use this strategy to its full potential and still I am getting results for work I did in Sept 2010.

Earn Money Online in India by Survey

You can also make money by taking part in surveys. How this works is companies want people to provide feedback on their products. It might be a new product they are launching or a new service. They are looking for people who identify or fit their customers profile and are willing to spend some time to answer a few questions.

Since these questions can make or break their business, they are willing to pay some money in exchange. There are many survey sites which you can register at. Make sure you use a separate email than your primary email address. Some of these survey companies (might) sell your email address and/or send a lot of promotional offers.

Earn Money Online in India for Students

I wish someone had let me know of these methods when I was a student. Strapped for cash or need extra cash – no worries. Just start

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up  a blog or website related to your field of interest also known as a niche.

Write a few articles on keywords people are looking for. Publish these articles and create backlinks to them. Promote using twitter and social media and use Google Analytics to track your activities.

While this sounds simple, it does require a lot of thought and time. Stay tuned to the next article which will be picking up a topic one at a time and defining a strategy to take it off ground.

Students can also offer services like content writing, seo article writing, seo services, data entry.

These pay enough and more money to pay of bills.

P.S. It would be a great help if you could leave a comment below with what exactly you are looking for. Hopefully I can outline a strategy which you can use.

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9 Responses to How To Earn Money Online In India – Part 1

  1. nisha says:

    Sir ,
    I m a maths student who loves diary writing,drawing,etc.and looking for a suitable online job
    i m good at geography too..i know some italian also..
    Kindly suggest..

    waiting 4 ur response….

  2. Izabhella says:

    Making money in blog is not easy it will really reqriues most of your time. You have to be knowledgeable to become successful blogger. Patience is a virtue. Determination to succeed is another thing. But tools and resources to make money in blogging is one important thing that you should have consider in order to start. Find time to visit my site so you will have lots of information how to start making money online.

  3. Adrienne says:

    What a great share Latha… I know that without a doubt, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

    I bought a $37 eBook a few years ago and dove into it. I started using free blogs and writing articles. I made 3 sales in 3 days and not only paid for the course but made a profit. It just continued to increase from there and I’ve never looked back.

    It’s been a great experience and anyone who is living in India and wants to make money online should listen to what you’re sharing here. Sound advice.


  4. dev says:

    Thank you
    The information you shared is very informative

  5. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Yes, Blogging is right now the greatest way to make money online but in order to get success as a blogger, you will need stay consistent, patient and determined. Furthermore, when it comes to India, it has now developed a lot in the field of blogging. There are now thousands of pro bloggers from India :) !

  6. Latha Lukose says:

    Yes India is a new market for bloggers. Since the net is easier to access now, it makes it a feasible and viable option.
    I know of people including myself who have been achieving success with this.

    • Alexander Faris says:

      I agree with Latha, in India lately there are lot of newbie bloggers coming out every day, even my college friend started blogging and he is earning to somewhat good level, hope i can also start blogging shortly. But am little behind because lack of motivation.

  7. Shalu Sharma says:

    Blogging has become huge in many Western countries but even in India it is finding space. There are many professional bloggers in India who make money online by blogging. I think there is room for more as more and more people are connecting to the net by the day in India.

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