Yesterday I reviewed Ghost writing cash and spoke about the very first section “The Perks of Ghostwriting Aren’t all about the money” . Today, I move on to the next section titled “What Skills Does it Take to be a Ghostwriter?”.

I wish she would number her sections or chapters. Numbering makes it easier to go back to a particular section.

What Skills Does it Take to be a Ghostwriter?

This section is 7 pages long and I am a slow reader. Tiffany hits it right on the nail with this section. I was worried about grammar, especially since I am from India.  She says not to worry… that is comforting.. a lot actually. Now what was that about perfectionism icon smile Ghostwriting Cash Review   Day 2 I am already loving what I read.

This section covers “Plagiarism” where she mentions what it is to copy someones ideas. This course will definitely make sure that a writer learns what all it takes to write good copy ethically.

The sub topic on being flexible about what we write is something which is essential. She also has some good examples and reasons. Things we should do and how to do them. This is all so very nice and right on target.

I liked the tips on how to make sure your writing is better than your competitors. How very nice.. hmm ..

The next sub topic on knowing the definitions, is a BIG help. Thank you Tiffany. This one section is worth everything. It makes me feel smart already and I just got started.

This section is really a great one. I am learning sooo much. Though I knew most of all this, the real life examples help corroborate the facts. She mentions ” Web Copy that SELLS ” .. I am making a mental note to download this book and read it soon.

 Ghostwriting Cash Review   Day 2 Ghostwriting Cash Review   Day 2

Now she speaks about Time Management… Okay I admit, I need all the help I can get to address this problem of mine. Guess what! Looks like she is like me icon smile Ghostwriting Cash Review   Day 2 I will have to read these tips again in the ghostwriting cash course. These are simple to apply and will help me a lot.

Why did I not think of these before?

I am done, yippee icon smile Ghostwriting Cash Review   Day 2

That was a lot of good information and I hope I could address all these in this ghostwriting cash review. In tomorrows post I will move on to the next section “What you need before you start bidding for Work”.

Till then

Cheers icon smile Ghostwriting Cash Review   Day 2


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