PLR My favorite Internet Marketing abbreviation!

My favorite Internet Marketing abbreviation!

When I first jumped online as a brand new Internet marketer, I noticed a lot of insider lingo. There were many abbreviations that I had to work through and figure out not only what they meant, but what they meant to me.

There is one abbreviation, PLR, that I’d like to go into and explain what it stands for and how it can benefit you.
 What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. These rights can be attached to article bundles, online reports, ebooks, and full product packages (with squeeze page, download page, sales page, etc.). PLR can also be videos, blog themes, header packages, graphics packages, turn-key blogs, and more.

PLR is generally inexpensive to buy because the PLR writer will sell each PLR item to more than one person. That’s how they can keep the cost down.  Your job will be to change up the products you purchase so they take on your personality and maybe include additional information.

Each PLR writer has his/her own Terms of Service. You should read each one, but generally they will allow you to put your name as the author, add material to it, take material out, rewrite it so it sounds like you, etc.
 Why would I want to buy PLR?

Using PLR is like getting a head start in a foot race.  The research has already been done for you; all you have to do is put your spin on it.  That means you can put the material you buy as PLR to work much faster than if you started from scratch.

Having ready-made content means you can post more often to your blog, which can give you a chance to rank higher in the search engines.

PLR products are especially helpful to new marketers because it means they can quickly have their own product to sell at the price they want to sell it.

 What can I do with PLR?

There is a lot you can do with PLR besides posting it as content on your blog. You can use it for emails to your list, as an ecourse, or reworked as a report to use for your optin or to sell.

You can also turn it into a podcast, screencast video or PowerPoint presentation.  In addition, PLR can be used as a jumping off point for material for a membership site.

Many people use PLR as a bonus to another product they’re selling, or as a bonus when promoting an affiliate product.

Put on your marketing hat and figure out the most advantageous ways for you to use it!

 What can’t I do with it?

Each PLR has Terms of Service so that’s a good place to find out. Many PLR providers will not allow you to turn around and sell the PLR rights to the product.  That means you can’t sell it or give it away as if you are a PLR writer.

 Where can I get PLR?

Good question! You want to stick with the reputable PLR writers. One of my favorite is Peggy Baron’s AllstarPLR . She’s been writing PLR since 2008 and it’s consistently high quality. There is a lot of garbage out there. I recommend you stay away from the “9000 free PLR articles!” and the like. 


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