Adwords Ad or Sitelink has been Dissaproved

Damn what a day!! I submitted new ads and sitelinks for Google Adwords and it came back today after soooo many days and here is what I get

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your
 account, we've found that one or more of the ad extensions in
 your "cname" campaign has unfortunately been
 disapproved for the following reason(s):
Punctuation - punctuation to draw attention

 To review our location extensions policy, please see:

 To review our sitelinks extensions policy, please see:

 To review our social extensions policy, please see:

I am checking it out.

Here is what I did ~ checked for duplicate url s in Sitelinks ~ None so far so good.

Ah spotted it ~ its the damn apsotrophe is used in the link text

No gimmicky use of symbols: We don't allow symbols in link text that serve no purpose other than to draw attention to your sitelinks, like adding a "►" symbol in your sitelinks.

Well I did not pay a gimmick but that was the name of the place as is. I have removed the apostrophe and resubmitted.

Lets see how it goes

Cheers icon smile My adword Account Ad has been disapproved

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