Squid Pro Quo Review Part 2

Review of: Squid Pro Quo
Erica Stone

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On September 21, 2012
Last modified:November 22, 2013


Awesome Product. I made quite a few lens using this method. It is very very easy to find good keywords with search traffic and having low competition.


Today I started my lens building using the Squid Pro Quo system by Erica Stone. I am also participating in the blog challenge by Tiff so I need to ramp things up a bit.

Erica’s guide is straightforward, easy and in plain English. I have sent her emails asking for clarifications and she has replied promptly (sometimes within minutes).

Squid Pro Quo teaches a new method of keyword research. She mentioned a paid tool to use which I did not have. I was going to call it quits (I am impatient at times ..).

Then I read the next part on how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool in conjunction with a Free Keyword Analysis tool. I downloaded this new tool, used her advice (which is step by step btw) and I was surprised. Within 15 to 20 mins I came up with 14 keywords which fit the criteria.

This is too good because I take a lot of time to analyze and think it over and brood. I cannot be pushed to be quick and I got it all figured out.

I am exhausted with the keyword research. Yeah I know!!

I sent her an email asking for a clarification along with my keywords. She wrote back saying they were perfect.

It is time to get started building a Squidoo lens.

I went and registered 3 lens. Today I decided to work on one lens. I did what she told. I hated fill all those spreadsheets but I did.
When I started my lens making process, it was so easy and I was thrilled that I took the time to follow through meticulously.

In case you are wondering which one it is, here it is http://www.squidoo.com/best-vacuum-for-stairs2

It is not done yet, there are some issues to resolve. Just wrote Erica an email. I am waiting for a response. Tomorrow I will share with you how to get a lens out of “low quality” or “too commercial to promote” mode.


Latha :)

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Awesome Product. I made quite a few lens using this method. It is very very easy to find good keywords with search traffic and having low competition.
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