Empower Network In India Assignment

Hello Friends,

Here is an Empower Network In India Assignment, just for you :)

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This is a simple assignment but BELIEVE me It works like gangbusters :)

I have many more videos coming by so keep on track, stay focused and we CAN

make it work.

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Empower Network India What does it mean

Empower Network is make money online system mixed with network marketing in a nutshell. It is basically a network marketing opportunity wherein you sign up and receive a blog as a product.

You must pay $25 for signing up and it requires you to make recurring payments each month.


The blog is the basic product. You get various other products (which you need to purchase). If you want to promote empower network in india you have to sign up as an affiliate which costs $19.99 (every month).


Empower Network Blog has a good alexa ranking and I have noticed good rankings.

I am no longer with Empower Network as I do not understand the reason to pay recurring money and am not comfortable with network marketing.

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