Get Paid Draw Review , Scam or Legit, What is the Get Paid Draw Method?

Get Paid to Draw system is actually a website with information on how to make thousands of dollars selling your humble scribbling online. The sales page is very well designed, and looks like a total scam. I found that the get paid draw method and system was one of the highest selling system and decided to take a closer look.

It seems pictures from your cellphone can fetch you money, while this may be true, but can they really fetch you $2000 per month? I doubt it.

The Get Paid to Draw System

Get paid to draw method has 3 steps to it.

Step One teaches you how to click pictures, get creative and make them ready to make cash.

Step two apparently teaches you how to upload your images, like I wanted to know that.

Step 3 teaches you how to sell your images over and over and get paid when someone buys the image
(or downloads it).

Why to purchase Get Paid to Draw ?

It is a cheap eBook which will save you lots of research time.

What do you get with Get Paid to Draw?

It is a 50 page eBook, and some say that it is poorly written. The eBook lacks teaching marketing and selling skills to artists.

The Get Paid toDraw eBook has descriptions and examples but some people are saying that they are not thorough.

Some other Get Paid to Draw Books which might be a better option than this eBook?

The Business of Being and Artist might be a better option as it has been written by an artist and is for artists.

Can you really get paid thousands of Dollars?

What do you get with Get Paid to Draw ? GetPaidtoDraw comes with an eBook, videos and a database.

You can also access author Jules Camber who supposedly replies back as ‘Jamie, President of Champ Entertainment, Inc and Beats 365, LLC.

Is the Get Paid Draw system a scam?

Some say it is and some say it is isn’t.

What I found from  my research is that Getpaidto draw has a lot of information and shows you how you can earn an income online from home using art.

Some of the opportunities are not spoken of in circles and can give artists a headstart in getting setup online the right way.

How can you make a LOT of money using Get Paid to draw? can help you make a lot of money, but it involves a lot of work. If you can set up some time and upload as many images as you can one the sites mentioned.
What is and who should buy it?

If you are an artist or budding artist or a photographer, then this eBook will be very helpful in taking your freelance career off.

You learn about the industry, how people are making money online, what places are there to sell your art or photographs.

If you are interested in learning how to showcase your work so that companies can find you and your work, then getpaidtodraw can get you started on that.

Do you have to be an artist?

You require some creativity, either are able to click good pictures, or draw.

Though the get paid to draw system says you can make money with any art, I seriously doubt it. You need some good pictures to make the $1000 mentioned.

How does work?

You have to go through the eBook and the first section covers how to draw. This has been inadequately covered, and it would be advisable to invest in proper training if you are really interested in learning how to draw.

Chapter 13 covers the business aspect where you get introduced to various opportunities including eBay.

The eBook could have added more details but it is a start.

Videos provided with getpaidtodraw

Videos showing how to draw ( not very elaborate), videos on how to make a website, how to videos showing how to sign up with clickbank, Google Adwords and Google Adsense are provided. database

This section of the get paid to draw members system provides a listing of sites which pay for drawings, advertising agencies who can be contacted but they are US based only.

How to earna  recurring income using GetPAidtoDraw

Create accounts in the websites mentioned in the database and upload your drawing or pictures. The websites pay money when people buy your image. There is a potential for multiple sales hence you can setup a recurring income stream.

Unlike sites like eBay, this means a recurring income flow. The catch is the pictures and drawings on these sites are very good, so your image needs to stand out.

Bonus provided for Getpaid to draw
Bonus 1: The Profit Arsenal – 7 ebook course
Bonus 2: The complete graphics champ ecourse and system.

This has 12 videos which show you how to use photoshop and are available in the members area.

Bonus 3: Real Personal Support via Email & Total Guidance

SUPER BONUS 4: Exclusive “Machine Gun Marketing Pocket Guide”

This guide teaches you Google adwords Pay Per Click.

What are some sites where you can sell prints of your art?, ,

Other sites

Search for “Royalty free graphic sites” in Google and submit your work there.

What equipment is used by designers?

For digial printing a graphics tablet would be a good buy. These are not essential but make creating digital graphics for websites real easy.

Designers also own a flatbed scanner and digital camera as these can be quite handy.

Other places to sell Designs online?

Places to sell your designs online

Conclusion about Getpaidtodraw

Getpaidtodraw has information which can be obtained for free, if you know what to look for and where to get it.

IT is small fee for getting all the information at one place (and information which is correct). You would have to use this information and apply it and research on it further to make it work for you.

List of sites to upload photos and get paid royalty

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