PPC PayDay Review Part 2

I downloaded all my files for PPC Payday.

The download page has three links to download.

All are zip files. PPC Payday Package1 has three files – a keyword file, a spreadsheet with ads written. The file I have opened has 4 versions of Ads.

I am very impressed with the ad copy.

The keywords sheet has exact match keywords which can be used for setting up a campaign.

There is a pdf file names welcome.pdf – This document mentions how to use these files.

He mentions about the restraints about Google Adwords and how to get by that. Totally ethical and totally sound. The product is what it says. I am sure that these campaigns will bring in a lot of money and the ads will convert very easily.

PPC PayDay Review

I work on setting up PPC Campaigns for clients and this is my work and when someone claims that they can help me “Never Faile with PPC” ~ well I am intrigued. That is just what the sales page of PPC PayDay states.

As a PPC specialist I have been exposed to so may products, so many false promises and have the opportunity to work with numerous clients. Some don’t seem to understand why they must spend money to make money. While others pay us for setup and then quite as soon as the cost per click increases.

The sales page of PPC PayDay says that they can help me NOT lose money. This sells in itself.

I decide to ask for a review copy and guess what I got one. So here is my review on what I think about PPC PayDay.

He says he is giving two sales templates. That would be awesome.

The sales copy also mentions that I should be getting a small guide which explains the niche, campaign setup etc.


Wow it says they will mention which affiliate products to promote, and what platforms to use.

I am looking for any mention of whether it is Google Adwords PPC or MSN PPC.

Well looks like it can be used in both Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter.


What do you with PPC PayDay

Here is what I should be getting

PPC PayDay Contents

Well now for the price. It says it is only for $11.95 and at present they have only one copy left at this price.

Okay now time to dig in and write my PPC Payday Review.

How to run a PPC Campaign – Part 3

How to improve Quality Score

This is a part of our multi-part series on understanding how to run a successful PPC Campaign, which is optimized and focused. First we understood our customer, his business, and his competition. Then we studied and understood how to identify keywords for our campaign. We also learnt that we need to focus our adgroups with relevant keywords.

Quality Score Matrix

Quality Score Matrix—Bruce Clay Inc (Flickr.com)

Today we will learn how to improve the Quality Score and the impact it will have on our Google Adwords Campaign.

Here are some quick Google Adwords Optimization Tips to improve the Quality Score of your Google Adwords Campaign.

1. Have tightly focused ad groups

2. Limit the number of keywords in an ad group

3. Try to make sure that your keyword occurs in the ad copy.

4. Make sure that the Landing Page is relevant to your ad.

5. Bid Wisely – The more the CTR or click through rate, the better your Quality Score. The Average CPC or cost per click will decrease over time with a better CTR and QS. You get better ad placements with lower CPC. This is because Google Adwords interprets a better CTR as a more relevant advertisement. So it translates to a improved Quality Score and paying less for a good position.

A well optimized Google Adwords Campaign will do wonders for your Campaign, budget and general health.

What is a Quality Score and Why does it matter?

How to run a PPC Campaign – Part 2

This is a continuation of our series on how to run a PPC Campaign.

Identify Keywords

Keywords, Google Keyword Tool

Keywords, Google Keyword Tool—Sean MacEntee (Flickr.com)

Your initial client assessment coupled with feedback from the client will make this step in identifying keywords for your PPC campaign a breeze. Identify your main service areas and ask the client on what service areas she would like to focus.

You will usually get this information off the services page. Some clients might not be interested in targeting all the services they offer via the PPC Adwords Campaign. That is why it is a great idea to ask the client what service areas he wants to target.

Now that we have a fair idea of the service areas, it is time to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or PPC Keyword Generator tool to pull up some keywords. The easiest way to do this would be to enter your primary keywords into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and drill down to specific ones.

Keywords, Google Keyword Tool

Keywords, Google Keyword Tool—Sean MacEntee (Flickr.com)

The best part is that Google Adwords Keywords Tool will suggest adgroups, so that you can easily pinpoint major adgroups you would want to target for your Adwords campaign.

Split Keywords into AdGroups. Try and limit the number of keywords in each ad group. Keep the keywords as focused as possible within an adgroup. If the keywords within an adgroup are tight and focused then we will be able to write targeted ads. The more targeted the ad copy the better the QS or Quality Score.

How to run a PPC Campaign – Part 1

Here is a PPC Campaign Strategy to help you get started with using Google Adwords and setting up your very first Google Adwords PPC Campaign.

When you have to setup a PPC or Pay per Click campaign, the very first thing to do would be to study the client business.

Pay per click, Search-Engine-Marketing

Pay per click, Search-Engine-Marketing—Danard Vincente (Flickr.com)

1. Understand your client business

2. Identify Keywords

3. Improve Quality Score in Google Adwords

4. Optimize your Google Adwords Campaign

5. Optimize your ad copy


Understand your client business

Go through all the webpages including the services, the about us page, their core selling point and what makes them different from their competitors.

Make a mental note of what sets the client apart from the competitors. This could be a 50% saving or free servicing or some other special. Try and gather all information about the various services offered by the client.

This will be used to identify keywords for your client. Identify the locations the client serves. For example: a dentist might serve locally only, whereas an insurance company might be targeting a wider audience.

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