Are You Using PLR Successfully?

Are You Using PLR Successfully?

Download Your PLR and Put It To Work!

Wow, you’ve just found a mother lode of quality PLR articles for one of your niches and you quickly purchase and download them.  You are going to make money with these babies, that’s for sure!  But first you have to check your email, work out that techie problem, do some tweeting, do some online surfing (research, you know) and tweak your website header.

What happens is you lose your momentum and maybe even lose the PLR articles you downloaded.  You’ve got to have a plan and you’ve got to know where to find the PLR you bought.

Let’s start with the location of your PLR.

You don’t have to download them to where your computer wants to send them by default.  YOU tell them where to go.  Create a folder in “Downloads” and call it “PLR”.  Now create a folder inside “PLR” and name it your niche topic.  Maybe it’s “Blogging” or “Fish” or “Green Energy”.  Now your newly purchased articles have a place to go and you can download them safely without worrying you’ll never find them again.

It’s a good idea to rename the pack to something that makes sense to you.  The seller might have given it a code name to keep the thieves away, but those names will only confuse you too.  I prefer to put the subject and who I got it from.  Example:  bloggingplrAllstarplr.

Now on to the plan…

When you bought that article pack did you have something in mind regarding how to use them?  It’s best if you do, but sometimes you’re going to buy when it comes along knowing you will be working with it on your very next project.

Here’s a sample plan for your PLR pack:

1.  Download and decide how you want to use it.

  • Use as blog posts?
  • Put together in a report to add as a bonus to your product?
  • Use as fodder for your membership site?
  • Totally rewrite and submit it to an article directory?
  • Etc.

2a. If you’re going to use it a bit later, add a note inside the folder where it’s located saying what you’re going to do with it.  You might forget otherwise.  Then put a note on your calendar for approximately the time you expect to be needing it to remind yourself you have it.

2b. If you’re using it now, make some further decisions.  What else does it need?  (more PLR articles to add to it if there aren’t enough to make up a report or ebook) How will you monetize it? (search Clickbank, Amazon, or your favorite affiliate product haunts).  It’s important to do this before you do any rewriting because if you don’t have all the pieces before you do any reworking of the articles, you might be creating more work than necessary.  You don’t want to rewrite an article one way and then pick a Clickbank product to promote and need to rewrite the article a different way.


3.  Rewrite it to do what you want it to do.
If it’s for your membership site, consider it the backbone of the newest offering to your members but add more value to it.  Resources, interviews, videos, screenshots, case studies, more in-depth information may be in order.


For your blog, lightly rewrite to add your personality and include a bit more information.  Put in your keywords and point them to products you’d like them to look at and hopefully buy.
As an ecourse – break them down into smaller chunks, perhaps one tip or paragraph topic in each email.  Are they just information emails or are they pre-selling something to your list?

4.  Post, email, or whatever action you need to do with your polished-up PLR.  Set up your autoresponder to send out the emails in a series, drip-feed your blog posts, etc.

5.  Pat yourself on the back for taking action. 

6.  Record what you did with the PLR articles pack and stick the note back in the original PLR folder.  Why?  Because you can use the PLR again in other ways and it’s wise to record what you’ve done so you don’t repeat yourself.

In summary, take that mother lode of quality PLR articles and put them to work as soon as possible.  If you get in the habit of handling them immediately, you’ll get a rhythm going and build momentum, and likely see an increase in traffic and sales.

Still looking for quality PLR articles and reports? AllstarPLR has PLRfor lots of niches! Grab your coffee and your wallet and head over to

What is PLR? Should I use it?

What Are Private Label Rights and Should I Use Them?


Perhaps you’ve been been on the Internet a short time researching all the “make money online” business models, and there’s a question you have – what are private label rights and should I get me some?

Simply put, private label rights, also known as PLR, are products or articles that you can purchase and use as your own. The expression “use as your own” here means you can change them to fit your purposes. Here are some of the ways you can change PLR:

  • Put your name as the author.
  • Reshuffle paragraphs, take out or add new paragraphs.
  • Totally rewrite it.
  • Add additional information, such as your personal experiences
  • Add your keywords throughout.
  • Add any links you want in the PLR.
  • Change the conclusion so the PLR article pre-sells something (like an affiliate product).

The PLR can be totally unrecognizable when you’re done, and that’s perfectly fine because it’s yours to mold into what you need. But before you get going with it and even before you buy, find out what the terms of service are. PLR providers don’t necessarily all use the same Terms of Service so check them carefully each time you purchase. Here is an example of PLR Terms of Service from MyNichePLR


[YES] Can put your name on as author.
[YES] Can edit the contents.
[YES] Can sell for personal use only.
[YES] Can be bundled into a paid package.
[YES] Can be added to a paid membership site (as long as it’s not a PLR site).
[YES] Can be published as a CD, DVD, or physical book.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[NO] Can be added to a free membership site in any format.
[NO] Can be sold in dimesales or auctions.
[NO] Can pass along private label rights in ANY format.


Private label rights products, including PLR articles, are offered to more than one person. Some are limited to 50 buyers while others are free and distribution is unlimited. The key is to find good quality PLR and make them more unique to you so they fit your purposes.

Now to the second half of “What are private label rights and should I use them?” The answer is yes IF… you need content for your blog, newsletter, product, website, radio show, short reports, Squidoo lens, ecourses, etc.

If you only have one blog, chances are you can keep up with it. You can happily post every day or every other day and you live, eat, and breathe your one blog. You probably don’t need PLR, except to help generate ideas and give you some completed research.

But many marketers have quite a few irons in the fire. They have several websites and like to use article marketing, Squidoo lenses, and keyword-rich posts as traffic generators. They also use newsletters, ecourses and free reports to encourage opt-ins to build their list. And for all these things, they need content, and lots of it!

Think of PLR as ready-made content. You’ll want to change it around some to make it your own, but it can save you lots of time. The advantages are many, but perhaps the best is the time-saving factor. For example, if you don’t have to write the content from scratch each and every time, you can post quite frequently, perhaps twice as often.

Posting more often means you’ve got constant fodder for the search engines – which they like, and that content is filled with your important keyword phrases – which you like. These two things will bring in the traffic!

Get your PLR from a trusted source, AllstarPLR, where Peggy Baron has been writing PLR since 2008, and get busy putting PLR successfully to work for you.

Day 6 Easy Paycheck Formula Traffic from Google

I have been reading an implementing Easy Paycheck Formula technique. So far I have performed keyword research, created a page (more than one actually), I have posted content, applied techniques in chapter 4.

My stats so far.

I have 80 visitors so far.

Zero Google or any other search engine traffic

All traffic is from techniques mentioned on Day 4

I also applied the techniques she mentioned on my Squidoo lens

Lensrank has improved

Increased in visitors to Squidoo lens

Made 4 sales

easy paycheck formul spike in traffic

This chapter mentions methods I already use for my clients but the technique she uses is very simple.

To be honest I am not sure if such minimal work will get me any results,

But then I was sceptical when I performed the tasks in chapter 4 and have done them half heartedly.

I have seen such a boost in traffic, rankings and sales, that I will follow these simple steps.

This brings us to the end of Easy Paycheck Formula Review.

Click on the link below and purchase the product and leave comments below.

If you are stuck at any step you can post here I can try to answer them.

Latha Lukose

Entrepreneur/Attraction Marketer


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Easy Paycheck Formula Review Legit or Scam by Sara Young

Day 4 of Easy Paycheck Formula Review and I have my free site up and running. I have done all the keyword research, content creation and today let’s check out chapter 3, jumpstart your campaigns.

I have also started applying this formula to my website (I created a new one) and will be showing you stats on this one here.

easy paycheck formul spike in traffic

easy paycheck formula spike in traffic

Check out for videos on how my traffic increases or not using the traffic methods mentioned by Sara.

Referring back to the chapter, I skimmed this chapter as most of it is specific to Squidoo.

Jotted down notes on how I can use some techniques with my website and free Blog.

Understood the concept and apply to my site.

Tomorrow we will move onto chapter 4, Traffic :)

Empower Network India What does it mean

Empower Network is make money online system mixed with network marketing in a nutshell. It is basically a network marketing opportunity wherein you sign up and receive a blog as a product.

You must pay $25 for signing up and it requires you to make recurring payments each month.


The blog is the basic product. You get various other products (which you need to purchase). If you want to promote empower network in india you have to sign up as an affiliate which costs $19.99 (every month).


Empower Network Blog has a good alexa ranking and I have noticed good rankings.

I am no longer with Empower Network as I do not understand the reason to pay recurring money and am not comfortable with network marketing.

Earn Money Online Typing

Earn Money Online Typing

Now you can make money online typing in India. Typing for me is writing content or words or articles. Here is one way to make money and that is by writing articles.

Earn money online typing, One of the rare non-Apple laptops seen in an other…

Earn money online typing, One of the rare non-Apple laptops seen in an other…—Ed Yourdon (

You must be thinking it is not possible to make any money writing articles right? It is very simple actually and you can use the strategy I use.

If you are able to write sentences then you should be okay. Pick up a niche or area of interest. Let us start with a niche like house appliances.

Now drill down to an appliance or product you would like to promote.

I have chosen a davincikalanim5501crib to promote because I like kids and kid products. Now write up some content for this product.

I broke it down as Features and Benefits and a poll. I also have added some things of interest to a potential buyer.

This is all for my content and typing work.

Earn Money Online Typing – Post on Squidoo

Next I make a lens – If you do not have a squidoo account then you must create one by going here >> Create a Squidoo Account

Sign up with Squidoo

Create a Lens

And post or publish it

Thats it you are done.

Repeat this process of lens creation for as many products you like.

Now you need to send traffic over to the lens. I use a minimal link building using ezine articles and bookmarking.

Sign up for my newsletter as I am sending my exact strategy with screenshots of how much I am making via email

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