PPC PayDay Review Part 2

I downloaded all my files for PPC Payday.

The download page has three links to download.

All are zip files. PPC Payday Package1 has three files – a keyword file, a spreadsheet with ads written. The file I have opened has 4 versions of Ads.

I am very impressed with the ad copy.

The keywords sheet has exact match keywords which can be used for setting up a campaign.

There is a pdf file names welcome.pdf – This document mentions how to use these files.

He mentions about the restraints about Google Adwords and how to get by that. Totally ethical and totally sound. The product is what it says. I am sure that these campaigns will bring in a lot of money and the ads will convert very easily.

PPC PayDay Review

I work on setting up PPC Campaigns for clients and this is my work and when someone claims that they can help me “Never Faile with PPC” ~ well I am intrigued. That is just what the sales page of PPC PayDay states.

As a PPC specialist I have been exposed to so may products, so many false promises and have the opportunity to work with numerous clients. Some don’t seem to understand why they must spend money to make money. While others pay us for setup and then quite as soon as the cost per click increases.

The sales page of PPC PayDay says that they can help me NOT lose money. This sells in itself.

I decide to ask for a review copy and guess what I got one. So here is my review on what I think about PPC PayDay.

He says he is giving two sales templates. That would be awesome.

The sales copy also mentions that I should be getting a small guide which explains the niche, campaign setup etc.


Wow it says they will mention which affiliate products to promote, and what platforms to use.

I am looking for any mention of whether it is Google Adwords PPC or MSN PPC.

Well looks like it can be used in both Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter.


What do you with PPC PayDay

Here is what I should be getting

PPC PayDay Contents

Well now for the price. It says it is only for $11.95 and at present they have only one copy left at this price.

Okay now time to dig in and write my PPC Payday Review.

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