Today I have purchased Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM and hopefully this PLR ATM Review will help you decide whether to purchase this product. I have recently purchased Tiffany Dow’s Ghostwriting for Cash course and after having a refreshing read and taking note of a lot of action points, I decided to check out PLR ATM course.

plr Atm download 298x300 Tiffany Dow PLR ATM ReviewI have been following Tiffany around, literally. I am not sure how I came across her, but when I read her posts and blog, I decided I liked what I read. She was brutally honest and for a sensitive person like me, it came across as TOO harsh. But, over time I realized that she had good things at heart and was a kind, genuine and ethical Internet Marketer.

If you have been online long, you know that this combination is almost impossible to find. First I came across her PLR products which are an instant hit by the way, and then I started considering working as a writer myself.

Her Internet Marketing PLR sold many copies and she made a lot of money with this one pack of just 52 pages. Next I took a look at the following PLR packs and was impressed by the way they were written and marketed.

Gardening PLR
Get Up and Running Online PLR eBook
10 ClickBank Affiliate Review Packs  

I was wondering if I could write like her, would I require a degree or some creative writing course.. That is when I heard about Ghostwriting for Cash and plunged write into it. I worked on this course and setup the free profiles, she told me to. I liked what I read and noticed results when I implemented these techniques. I have been asked my people to write for them and old clients are not letting me go. I am actually letting them go as I have no time and also, I have feeling I am selling my services for VERY less.

That is when I started thinking about taking the next step in my writing and making money career. I decided to go and invest in an unbelievably low priced course – PLR ATM course.

Yes, the title is cheesy, but the course is not. Over the next few weeks, I will walk through each day of the PLR course, what I read and what I have implemented.

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4 Responses to Tiffany Dow PLR ATM Review

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Latha,

    Sounds like you’re very happy that you stuck with her and now it’s paying off. I know that a lot of people may come across too harsh but I think it’s needed online today wouldn’t you agree?

    I’m so glad you’re benefiting from what she’s taught you now. Congratulations on that.

    Enjoy your week now.


    • Ahmad says:

      Tiffany Dow PLR ATM sounds like a faasittnc product that will help many newbies become successful on the internet. Tiffany has always provided quality products, but most importantly she truly cares about her customers and listens to them.

  2. Latha Lukose says:

    I am blessed to have stuck with Tiff. She is awesome and her products are so good. I have purchased so many products online, and very few have left their mark on me.

  3. Kristina says:

    Great that you have found Tiffany and her products. I love that refreshing truth be told honesty she has. I think it is real motivation with out the sugar coating or fluff we see from a lot of IMers. Looking forward to hearing more about your work with PLR ATM.

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