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Getting traffic on your blog is a very difficult task if you have just started online. You have all these great posts to share but no one seems to stop by. No traffic means no eyeballs and no sales!

So how does one get traffic to the blog?

I have stopped relying on search engines to get traffic to my blog. Not thta I do not appreciate this traffic but I have started getting a lot more traffic from other sources.

Here are a few of my main sources of free traffic to my blog.

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  1. Blog commenting

    Commenting on blogs in my niche is something I started recently. This has not given me a lot of traffic but there is a consistent dribble from this one source. Also, I get backlinks and lots of visibility.

  2. Posting in Forums

    This strategy works for me like a charm. The most important part of this strategy is connecting with people, answering questions and helping people. I never promote myself but leave my link in the signature.

  3. Guest Posting

    Guest Posting is again something which is relatively new for me. This has helped me get a lot of visitors and exposure as a blogger.

Draw in search engine traffic – Watch video

This video shows how to use PLR content to draw in traffic to your blog or website.

Some topics covered in the video above

  • Start off with word tracker or your favorite keyword tool
  • Look up some low competition keywords
  • Rewrite content with your keywords (2% density)
  • Make sure keywords appear in page title, article links, H1 etc

What are your main sources of traffic to your blog? Which are the best and which are not so good?

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32 Responses to How to draw traffic to your blog

  1. Manik Roy says:


    Your article is very much useful. As a blogger, I think every blogger should follow these advices. Moreover, I will use it for my blog,www.manikroy.com for getting more traffics.

    Thank you,



  2. Shalu Sharma says:

    You have some very good points. I have been implementing some of these techniques and I have realised that they work quite well. One thing that is lot of bloggers are taking about is guest posting. This does bring in lots of traffic to the sites.

  3. Shalu Sharma says:

    Thanks for these great tips Latha. As said rightly by you that guest posting is a great way to promote your website specially on a popular website. Commenting on forums is another great way.

  4. Brad E. says:

    Blog commenting has been my biggest view booster, by far. I’m doing my best to make my blog SEO friendly, but I know the results from that may take some time to really show some results. Social media has also been a big help. I do my best to engage with some of the bigger players within my niche and have seen them retweet my links and comment back on my blog.

    Good tips!

  5. Cielo says:

    Hi Latha;

    Thanks fot the tips. My main traffic comes from blog commenting and joining syndicated blog activities like Driven Syndic8. I still havent tried and explored the world of guest posting.

    Visiting from Driven Syndic8

  6. ia adam-lim says:

    This is marvelous. In your opinion, which among the strategies you mentioned is the most effective? And should I do these strategies regularly. If yes, how regular should I apply them?

  7. ia adam-lim says:

    This is marvelous. In your opinion, how much traffic will each suggestion give you and which one is the most effective. Also should I do all these strategies regularly. If yes, how regularly?

    • Latha says:

      ia adam-lim, Blog commenting, I do daily. I have a few blogs which I check regulary.
      Forum posting – gets me visitors which lead to sales. The blog commention visitors leave comments.

  8. Hi Latha,
    Tactics are different for generating sustaining and exponential traffic. They are directly proportional to the amount of work a blogger puts in traffic generation activities. More efforts, more exposure and hence eventually more traffic.

    Having said the above, a clear niche which is fuelled by your passion , a unique and engaging content are backbones of a blogger’s overall traffic building strategy. Once having passed that test, he/she can began exploring options for gaining visibility.
    As per me, following menthods work great.

    1. Leaving comments on relavant blogs.
    2. Guest writing on relavant blogs.
    3. Interviewing relavant experts in your niche and widening the scope your overall traffic generation stragegy.
    4. Capturing Email addresses.

    Thanks for lauching this questionaire.

    • Latha says:

      Great tips Naveen,,
      Passion is in the missing ingredient in success. I have found that niches I am crazy about bring me the most revenue. very true.

  9. I do the first two but not guest posting. Hmmm.. thanks for the tip. I think I’ll have to consider that from now on! :)

    Visiting from Driven Syndic8 :)

  10. Blog commenting has been proven effective in creating backlinks. Also since most online users are into social media, sharing links is a plus in gathering traffics.:)

  11. Vance says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog post. I think you really have a great blog. I believe Networked blogs, blog commenting, syndicating (joining groups), Twitter and Facebook fan Pages also helps to draw traffic towards you blog.

    • Latha says:

      Vance. thanks for the kind words.. I know my blog needs a LOT of redesign.
      Now, that you mentioedn, I recently joined a Facebook Group which was recommended by a friend (I purchased her book :) and the number of comments and visitors just exploded. If you are wondering, NO I did not use this post, I used a squidoo lens to test it.

  12. Latha says:

    Thank you for the insightful comments.
    Twitter and Facebook are great sources as well. They are greate ways to brand and connect with people.

  13. Hi Latha,

    Blog Hopping and forum hopping are both techniques I use everyday in by blogging efforts. I have not yet guest posted, but I am looking into it.

    Barry Wells got me involved in Video creation just the other day and I am really liking the results.

    Blog hopping and interacting with like minded bloggers has got to be the best way to start out since other bloggers will come back and visit your blog.

    How do you think I found your blog in the first place? I followed a link from my blog…. =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw.

    Talk again soon,


  14. Joe says:

    The first two are time tested and has yielded good results for me too, but the third (guest posting) is something I should try out.

    • Latha says:

      Joe, Thanks for stopping by. Guest Post is something I am struggling with still.
      Nothing to brag about, but I got a few visitors from it and it makes me very happy.
      I loved your post on bats. I never knew some bats could actually see :)

  15. Janus says:

    Hi Latha,

    It’s true that getting traffic to your blog when you’re just starting out can be difficult. But once you pick the right traffic generation strategies and use them consistently, you will get noticed and people will start visiting your blog. Of course having good content is a given.

    I’m using blog commenting, forum posting and guest posting also, but with more emphasis on blog commenting.

    I’ve also joined blogging communities such as BlogInteract and NetworkedBlogs which are great ways to connect with other bloggers.

    I still try to use SEO to drive search engine traffic because it’s more long-term and the traffic is targeted. What I do is some basic on-page SEO such as keyword research and pick the ones related to my topic.

    Then every time I publish a post, I would share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and some social bookmarking sites. But I would also share other peoples posts on these social media sites to make my content more useful.

    I think you have a great blog and let’s grow together!

    • Latha says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I have read your posts and learnt a lot from them.
      I have been using NetworkedBlogs, I will check out BlogInteract.

  16. Adrienne says:

    Great tips Latha and consistency is the key. It takes a while for people to see you and want to start visiting your blog so the commenting on other blogs is a fabulous way to connect with other people.

    I get a lot of traffic from Twitter and Facebook as well. That’s because I post my blog posts on my wall but I share other people’s post as well as have real conversations with people who are my friends. It’s not done by spamming their wall or sharing your products. Be friendly and people will want to know more about you.

    Videos are huge and they are also a way for people to connect with you on a more personal level. You don’t always have to do them in front of the camera but when people see that you are the same person as your picture and you are here for the right reasons, they once again will start connecting with you.

    Those are just a couple other suggestions I have on this topic which I love by the way.

    Keep up the great work, your blog is worth people visiting. They can learn a lot from you.


  17. The ways to draw traffic to your blog are innumerable. I think you’ve begun to point out a few here but there are so many more still.

    • Latha says:

      Yes, I have just touched on those which work best for me. There are so many more ways out there, but I have learnt lately that focussing on a few things is better than running after every new way I see.
      I followed a few blog(s) for days, weeks, even years and noticed how they connect with people.
      When they stopped by and shared a comment I felt appreciated and loved. Slowly I started commenting more often and before I realized it, I have made so many friends, mentors and have learnt a lot.

  18. mike says:

    Blog commenting does seem to be an effect tool. It’s been something that I haven’t done much of, but is a goal this year and while it hasn’t generated comments in return it has generated a significant increase in traffic. For us I feel commentluv has helped more with comments as well as having guest bloggers.. If you’d ever like to guest blog for us let me know.. Thanks Latha…

    • Latha says:

      Mike thank you very much for the offer. I will definitely take it up soon. For me my major traffic is Referral Traffic and from blog commenting.

  19. Latha says:

    Thank you for your tips. Youtube and sending blog comments to Social Media accounts are very effective ways as you mentioned.
    Thank you for the invitation for the video blog challenge. I am personally gearing up towards this challenge.

  20. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Latha,

    I use a few different methods of driving traffic to my blog. Blog hopping is a good one for everyone to start using straight away because the majority of bloggers will return visits and if you leave interesting comments then others may like what you have to say and come over as well.

    Guest posting is also a very good way of generating traffic.

    Creating videos and placing them on YouTube is a great way of bringing traffic to your blog. Just be sure to leave your blogs URL in the description and it’ll give people something to click as well as building your backlinks.

    I also have my blog comments sent to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn automatically and find that brings in most of my traffic. A note of caution though, as it is automated we need to visit our Social media account on a regular basis so as to add the personal touch as well.

    I am currently running a video blog challenge and have invited everyone to take part. As well as running the challenge I am also running a traffic competition and offering prizes to the person that sends me the most traffic from Feb 16th until March 29th :)

    To my knowledge there are now at least 6 bloggers that have written posts about my challenge and in doing so are sending their readers over to my blog. In addition to that most people taking part in the challenge have linked to my blog stating that they’re in the challenge, which also brings their readers over to my blog.

    I hope that will give your readers some ideas that they can apply to their blogs.

    The first one to start with is blog hopping and leaving good decent comments.

    Take care Latha,

    • jennifer fay says:

      Very well written articles with lots of really good information. Thanks for sharing. As bloggers, we always get challenged to figure out how we are going to social bookmark and gain traffic to our sites.

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