Duplicate content is content which has been duplicated or copied or replicated either in part or whole. Syndicated content on the other hand is content written with the intention of redistribution.

Syndicating your content – Why you need to do it and how?

Press Releases, article distributions, sharing documents, PowerPoints are all various forms of content syndication. Everyone wants news and updates on what is happening in the world and in their locality, in their field of interest. While syndicating or distributing content we are actually providing value to our customers. If done the wrong way however, this is considered spam, plagiarism and is detrimental.

If you have a piece of information you want to share then you can write an article on the subject on your website or blog. Once this has been indexed, you can then post the same article in article directories, ensuring that you use the same author name.

There is a difference between unique and original articles. Original articles are articles which are not copied and are your own.

Life Post Panda

Google’s Panda algorithm was aimed at cleaning out low quality websites from their results. After all search engines like google want people to find what they are looking for and quality information is an important requirement.

You might have noticed that when you search for something in Google today, you will get different websites as well as sites recommended for you. The recommended websites are sites which your friends might have recommended (on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

Social search is also playing a key role in what you find on the Internet. While we shall approach this issue and learn how you can use social search to boost your sales and website, let us stick to duplicated vs syndicated content.

While Google Webmaster Central blog does state that duplicate content would not cause your website to be penalized, some web masters claim that this is not true and post Panda a website can be harmed considering if it showcases duplicate content.

Dr.Pete’s article “Duplicate Content in a Post-Panda World” is really helpful to understand what duplicate content is, the types of duplicated content and also helps you identify tools to fix duplicate content.

Why should we ensure that the article is indexed at your website before you publish it on say ezine articles?

We want more eyeballs on our offer, webpage or service. But, we do not want other sites to rank for our main or primary keywords. It wouldn’t be of any use if an ezine article ranked higher than your website.

How do article directory and article submission sites differ?

An article directory will allow you to submit original articles not necessarily uniqe articles. An article submission site like InfoBarrel or buzzle on the otherhand will not accept non-unique content or content which has been published elsewhere.

Will Google penalize your site if you distribute your article in multiple article directories?

If you write original content and first publish it on your website and then distribute it to article directories and document sharing websites (after you have made sure that the article has been indexed), then you are fine.

To get an in depth overview on how this works look at Anne’s article


Can I post articles from Articlebase in Ezinearticles and vice versa?

To post in multiple directories, you must use the same name and email address you used on the original article. If you use a different pen name then your article will be rejected.

Is posting someone’s content on my website or blog harmful?

Unless the author or website explicitly allows you to repost their content, don’t do it.

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  1. Latha says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Adrienne says:

    That was a really good explanation Latha.

    I know that a lot of people get these terms confused and I can see why. I know when I first ventured online I had no idea what some of this terminology actually meant. It was all so foreign to me.

    You did an excellent job of explaining the difference though and I’m sure this will help so many people still struggling to understand.

    Thank you for sharing this and hope you’ve had an excellent Valentine’S Day!


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