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This is an excellent product which teaches you how to market using videos and make money in the process.

When I saw the advertisement for Easy Video Payday and its bold promises on making money from videos I wasnt sure if they were true.
Look at the promises he makes

Promise: Case Studies + Video Training Proving How I Use Videos To Land HUGE Paydays Over $5k Made In 1 Month

-Step by Step Video Training
-Membership site
-No techie experience required
-Works over and over again
-Newbie Friendly
-Very Simple
-EXTREMELY Profitable

This had to be tested by me and that is just what I was looking to do.

I went ahead and purchased it and I will be reviewing it over the next few days.

The product is videos and Pdf files. There are 3 Modules + Intro Module plus a Bonus Module.

The intro is a simple welcome message.

Module 1

In this module in the Easy Video Payday he walks through how to select a product. What criteria to use, and he speaks about a simple yet effective way to choose a product and keywords. He shows us how to find keywords using a simple method and a free tool.

He shows how to find a product to promote, the keywords and shows some examples.

  • Finding a good product is key to making sales, so one should pay good attention to what he says here.
  • what kind of searches the product is getting
  • keywords used to promote it

So thats it for this module.

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This is an excellent product which teaches you how to market using videos and make money in the process.

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